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Turning Lunches into Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is here, and there is no reason to fear! No matter if your little ones find Halloween scary or if they think it is the best day ever, there are many fun, easy things you can do to help them celebrate – beginning with what they eat! As parents, one of our hardest jobs is getting our kids to eat things that are healthy. However, to kids, what is scarier than broccoli?

As you shall see, it is easy to trick your little ghouls into eating healthy with these treats that are guaranteed to be spooky but not scary. Your kids and their classmates will be super impressed with all the concoctions you brew up. Even better – these healthy Halloween treats are super easy and Instagram-worthy.

Put Your Cookie Cutters to Work

If you are not a Pinterest parent, there is no need to worry! Anyone – absolutely anyone – can turn a boring sandwich into a festive lunch with the help of a cookie cutter. For example, use a set of Halloween cookie cutters to turn ordinary PB&Js into magical pumpkins or spooky ghosts. It isn’t much, but we guarantee your kid will think it is special and believe it tastes better.

Monster Mouths for Your Little Monsters

Once you use your witchcraft to turn a regular apple into a monster mouth, apples will never be the same. By cutting out a section of the apple and coating it with peanut butter, you can use your imagination to decide which healthy ingredient you will use to create two rows of monster teeth.

Food is More Fun When It Looks Like a Jack O’ Lantern

Another easy trick for beginners is to make good use of your knife. Instead of buying the Lunchables your kids are begging for each time they go to the grocery store, make your own! But, trick out your slices of pepperoni by cutting faces to make them look like jack o’ lanterns. Then, cut your cheese slices into the shapes of witches’ hats or ghosts. Again, it doesn’t take an artist, but your kid will be thrilled!

Cheesy Witch Treats

String cheese is always a hit with kids, but your kids will cackle when they are treated to string cheese witch brooms. Plus, it is way easier than it looks! Using only three ingredients (string cheese, mini pretzel sticks, and chives), you will end up with a professionally looking treat. Simply cut the string cheese in half, then peel (or cut) the bottom of the string cheese so that it resembles a broom, then stick it into the top of the string cheese and wrap with the chive. Presto! Change-o! Magic!

Make Fruit Come Alive

We want our kids to eat their fruits and veggies, but sometimes we have to do some magic to make it happen. Now you have the perfect excuse! Clementines and oranges become much more exciting when they have been magically transformed into pumpkins! All you need is a sharpie and a few minutes to draw on a jack o’ lantern face. Or, give your kids a haunting “boonana” that will have them giggling and eating healthy. Simply peel a banana, cut it in half, then use two mini chocolate chips for eyes, and one regular chocolate chip for the ghost’s mouth.

Even Veggies Can Be Spooky Treats

Looking for a sneaky way to get your kid to try celery? All you need to do is make some spiders on a log. This is simply a variation on the popular “ants on a long,” but you use plastic spiders instead. After you fill the celery with peanut butter, top it with creepy crawlies. Just make sure they know the spiders are just for screams and not for eating. This is a trick your kids will love!

A Sandwich That Will Make Them Scream

Want to up your Halloween lunch game? Show off your Spidey skills by making a spider sandwich this Halloween. Using a circle shaped cookie cutter, cut out your sandwich into a circular spider body. Then, insert mini pretzel sticks on each side for legs. Just remember, spiders have eight legs, so you will need four on each side. (You don’t want your kid to call you out!) Finally, top with two raisins for eyes.

We hope these haunting Halloween eats are the start to a night full of wonderful treats!