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Board Books for
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Mass Production > Our Industries > Big & Small Independent Publisher Board Books

We Offer Board Book Printing for Big & Small Independent Publishers

Are you a big or small independent publisher looking for a unique and durable format for your next title? Our individual and mass production board books are a perfect solution. We are a USA board book factory who is able to provide beautiful board book printing and binding. We offer a simple and effective process that is tailored to help you get your work to print in a few easy steps.

What We Offer

Whether you need 1 or 1,000 +, we can help print your board book

Mass Production Board Books

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Bring your stories to life with
Mass Production Board Books

Are you an artist, writer, designer or business who is interested
in the mass production of offset printed board books?

Find out how we can help bring your story to reality.

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Individual Board Books

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Individually Printed
Personalized Board Books

Looking to make your own individual board book?
Our online board book interface allows you to design and digitally print from 1-50 personalized board books.

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Get Offset Printed Board Books in a Few Simple Steps

Step 1 of the Mass Production Process

Step 1
Request a Quote

The process starts by filling out our offset printing mass production request quote form. When we receive this:

  • We work with you and identify what is the best board book format for your project
  • We provide you with an estimate for your format and quantity
  • We send you the file specifications and template for your board book.

Step 2 of the Mass Production Process

Step 2
Print Process & Proof Approval

After we receive your design files, we send you an invoice for the 50% deposit. When we receive this, the printing process begins.

  • We output and send you a set of flat Epson color proofs that are calibrated to our printing press to approve

  • Once we receive the approved color proofs back with your signed approval we proceed with the full production

Step 3 of the Mass Production Process

Step 3
Ship Your Board Books

Once books are complete we send you a confirming production sample along with the final invoice.

  • Once we receive your final payment we release the shipment to carrier.

  • We are able to deliver your board books to your desired location or ship to your place of sale, like Amazon.

Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority

Our board book factory not only provides superior digital and offset printing of board books for big and small independent publishers, but we also take great pride in working extremely closely with every customer to ensure all of the details are managed and taken care of. Contact us today to begin your mass production board book order.

What our Clients are Saying

Can I just say that the crew at Pint Size Productions has been absolutely stellar. They’ve been super helpful with everything…I’m super happy w’re able to use this USA based printer for the first fun of books. They are going to look phenomenal!

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We're so sorry, mass production quote requests
are still ON HOLD.

Thank you for your interest in our USA board book factory. Our offset print production schedule for orders 1,000+ continues to be extremely busy. In order to maintain customer expectations, we are being very cautious as we schedule new mass production orders. We hope to reopen inquiries to a limited number of prospective new clients mid-February, so we encourage you to check back.

If you are an existing mass production client of Pint Size looking to place a new order, please send an email to your contact at Pint Size so we can address your needs.

Please note, our individual digitally printed online board book orders from 1 – 50 copies is not delayed and may be currently ordered.