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How to Make a Board Book

How it Works Step 1

Step 1
Organize Your Photos

The first step in building your board book is organization of your photos or artwork. We recommend that you create a folder on your desktop that will contain all of the images that you will upload to our interface when creating your book. Our board book interface allows you to upload from your computer, iPhone, iPad or tablet. Please make sure you read the tips on our before you begin page to understand photo resolution and resizing of photos for print.

How to Build a Board Book Step 2

Step 2
Design Your Board Book

Whether it’s a photo of your little one or your own artwork or story, we have a board book solution for all these avenues. For the novice, we offer adorable predesigned personalized board books and beginner board book templates. For the more confident, we offer a variety of custom design board books in a variety of sizes.

How to Build a Board Book Step 2
How it Works Step 3

Step 3
Cherish & Love

Our board book interface allows you to save your board book project and return to it up to 90 days later. Once you are satisfied with your board book, simply approve to publish your book, enter your payment details securely and wait while we do the work!

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