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A Pint Size Story

Discover how a little factory dreamed big

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Once upon a time,
in upstate New York, a Pint Size factory sat and watched as printers around the world made children’s board books…

Pint Size Production in NY Map

“Oh,” thought the little plant. “If only I could make these wonderful little books right here in the United States! There would be no more waiting or worrying about producing their board books in faraway places.”

So, the Pint Size factory put a plan together. He designed and built a special machine that could bind board books. He also bought a large multi-color offset printing press, a UV coater, a special die-cutter, and all sorts of other special equipment that would change him into a very unique and exceptional factory. A US factory who could produce board books in all different page counts and trim size!

Still unsatisfied, the little factory made sure he followed CPSIA and ASTM safety testing compliance requirements on every product produced to be sure that everything would be safe in adorable little hands. And, because the little factory was so competitive, he worked day and night until he could offer a turn-around time of three to six weeks. All right here in the great state of New York in the good, old U.S.A.!

The little factory continued to work very hard. One day, something truly amazing happened. A wonderfully talented and beloved children’s author, illustrator, and songwriter, Sandra Boynton, asked the Pint Size Factory to print some of her board books for some very famous publishers. This was an offer too good to refuse!

And then, as things continued to grow better and better, Ms. Boynton offered the little factory his very own personalized board book title, “ARE YOU A COW?”  Now, the little factory would be the only factory capable of printing and binding the first-ever personalized board books, produced on-demand with photos and text uploaded by customers from all over the world! MOO BAA LA!!!! Wow!” thought the Pint Size factory. “Maybe someday someone will write a book about me!”