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Mass Production

Let our experienced and detailed team help you mass produce a beautifully printed board book at our USA factory.

Our Mass Production Process

The detail and care that our team takes from start to finish with each and every order provides a simple and efficient process that insures that we meet or exceed your needs and expectations.

Our USA Board Book Factory

Our 60,000 square foot factory is located just outside Buffalo, New York. We offer several popular formats for single digitally printed copies along with large mass produced offset printed quantities from 1,000 to however many you need.

Safe & Durable for your Little One

Our Board books are durable and made to withstand the chomping, chewing, bending and attempted tearing by babies, toddlers and the occasional grownup.

Board Book Formats

We offer several popular and efficient trim sizes and page counts for clients who are looking to produce a board book in the USA.

Digital vs Offset

Discover the difference between digital and offset printing of board books to help determine the best route for your book.

Who Do We Print For?

We’ve been able to help a wide range of customers bring their designs to print, from artists to innovative companies.

Let's Bring Your Story to Life

Pint Size Productions may have an itty-bitty name but we operate a huge USA board book factory specializing in the printing and binding of millions of board books. Precise attention to detail and constant customer support is vital to us in every order we produce. Let our knowledgeable and caring team provide you with the peace of mind as we help you manufacture your beautifully printed board book.