February 13, 2014Caregiver Cards

Caregiver Cards

Hey guys! These are what we are calling “Caregiver Cards” and we think they are a really great way of keeping those who look after your children in the loop! You can make these informative cards using the MyCards Interactive and what information you share on them is completely up to you!

Here is what we put on ours:

Card 1: (front) Parker’s photo and full name; (back) Parker’s birthday.

Card 2: (front) Parker’s medical conditions and any medications he is on; (back) Allergies Parker has.

Card 3: (front) Parker’s nicknames; (back) Parker’s sibling and their ages.

Card 4: (front) Parker’s pediatrician’s name, practice and phone number; (back) Important numbers.

Card 5: (front) What Parker does when he is happy; (back) What Parker likes when he is sad.

Card 6: (front) Parker’s favorite food; (back) Parker’s favorite things to play.

Card 7: (front) Things Parker loves; (back) Things Parker does not like.

Card 8: (front) Parker’s bedtime routine; (back) Photo of Parker (no text).

This is a easy way to keep your caregiver’s informed of you children’s needs and more importantly, it puts all the essential information in one place that is easily accessible should there ever be an emergency.

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