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Our Favorite Fall Board Book Ideas

Fall is family fun time! Between the brilliant leaves that are changing from emerald green to red, orange and yellow, apple picking and pumpkin spice everything, autumn is pure awesomeness. Capture all the fall family-time with plenty of sweet pics. But don’t leave your fall photos in the camera, on your phone or floating through a virtual cloud somewhere. Turn them into seasonal board books with these easy ideas!

Pumpkin Patch & Carving

Picking pumpkins is a fall staple. Along with following your kiddo around the patch like their very own paparazzi, you can set up a few simply sweet shots during your day-trip. If the patch has mini pumpkins, line them up to spell your child’s name or the number for their age. Have them sit next to the name/number and snap a pic to use as the cover or front page of the book. Include pages that document each stage of the pumpkin pick — from your arrival to selecting the perfect pumpkin. End the board book with a photo of your family carving the pumpkin that you took home.

Apple Picking

You can add to your apple picking board book by snapping pics of your tot picking their fave fruits. Or you can have them hold each type of apple that they pick. Make sure to note the name of the apple, such as Granny Smith or Gala, that is pictured in each frame. Create one page of the board book for each apple, adding the name as a caption. Read the book with your child, reliving the apple picking fun and learning about different types of fruit.

First Halloween

Baby’s first Halloween is a magical time. Capture baby’s first foray into the costume experience with a series of several pictures. Photograph your little one inside, outside, sitting in a pile of autumn-hued leaves or hanging with their big brothers and sisters. You can also add in photos of your baby in non-costumer Halloween outfits. These might include some cute pumpkin-themed onesies or an orange and black sweater romper. Don’t forget to include photos of your baby during their first trick-or-treat experience — whether it’s at home “helping” to hand out candy or on the go helping you to knock on the neighbor’s doors.

Autumn Recipes

Cooking with kids is an easy way to inspire healthy eating, explore science and spend time together. Create your own fall-themed recipe board book, featuring your favorite autumn eats. Take pics of the meals and snacks as your family cooks or wait and snap photos of the finished products. Add the actual recipe to each picture page of the board book.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Document the family dinner with photos from start to finish. Take pics of the kids as you prep the house, setting the table, cutting veggies for stuffing and creating crafty DIY decorations. Keep the photo fun going with pictures of the family chef in the kitchen, the decorated table and the meal itself. Have the kids help you to arrange the photos in order, creating a chronological board book that tells the story of the day.

Thankful Book

What are your children thankful for? Ask your kiddo what they have to give thanks for on this holiday. Have your child help you to create a scene to photograph that features their thankful theme.

Fall Baking Favorites

Leaf-shaped rice cereal treats, pumpkin spiced muffins, apple pies. Yum! These fall favorites make perfect photos for a fall-themed board book. Give your child age-appropriate baking duties, such as measuring and mixing, and snap pics as they help. Create one book that features all of the fall foods. Add captions with the recipe itself or comments that your child makes while baking.

Pumpkin Pie

Grandma’s pumpkin pie is a family favorite. It’s also something that you want to hand down from generation to generation. Have your kiddo get in on the action, helping grandma this year. Photograph the entire process, using each picture as one page/one step in your board book.

We hope these ideas inspired you to start creating your own fall board book! From pumpkin picking to playing in the leaves, creating a board book allows you and your family to cherish moments that matter for years to come. Check out our Personalized Board Book templates or our Custom Board Book options to start making memories.