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Featured Board Book & Template: My Family is Amazing

Your kiddo’s amazing family surrounds them with love, support and a sense of community. Even though your child’s family is absolutely awesome, they might not have the opportunity to see long-distance relatives as often as you, your child or the family members would like. Here’s where a photo board book comes in. Whether your child needs a little reminder of what grandma looks like or you just want to create a living family history, these ideas are picture perfect!

Mommy and Me

You don’t need to wait until Mother’s Day to create this adorable board book. There are two primary ways to go with this theme: Everyday moments and special days. For an everyday concept, choose pics of mom and her kiddo doing their typical activities. This could include making breakfast together, going to the park, preschool pick-up, playground playdates, grocery shopping or bedtime. If your board book focuses on “special days,” pick photos that mark memorable holidays, birthdays or milestone events, such as baby’s first steps or the first day of pre-k.

Daddy and Me

Why wait until Father’s Day to celebrate the special guy in your child’s life? This photo board book follows the same theme as “Mommy and Me.” Choose an everyday option, adding sweet pics of daddy and his child playing at the park, going for a stroll, building a pillow fort, shopping together or making a meal. Or, carefully select special occasion photos that feature dad and his mini-me. Arrange these by holiday, milestone or chronologically by your child’s age.

Far Away, Close to My Heart

It’s not easy for your tot to remember what grandma, grandpa or an uncle who live in another city or state looks like. Make a few long-distance board books, each of which focuses on a family member who doesn’t live nearby. Include pics of the person and your child as well as photos of the relative on their own or where they live. Ask your child to say a few sweet words about the family member, adding the sentences as cute captions.

Introducing My Family

Each family member has a special place in your child’s heart. Explore the family connection with a board book that introduces each member, biography style. Piece together an adorable array of family pics, choosing a combination of old photos and new ones that you take right now. Give each person at least one page, adding a photo and a biographical statement. This can include the family member’s birthday and any other info that your child knows about them. Play a fun-filled family interview game and have your kiddo ask each person questions to add to the book.

A,B,C’s of Family

Combine entertainment and education with this amazing alphabet family book theme. Choose one pic of a family member to go with each letter of the alphabet. This could include “A is for Aunt”, “B is for Brother” or “C is for Cousin.” You can also match letter to the person’s first initial or a fun fact about them.

Family Fun

Create a photo board book that features your family’s fabulously fun times. Choose favorite occasions, special events or activities that standout as major memories. These can include activities around the house, holidays, such as Christmas or the Fourth of July, along with family trips to amusements parks, the circus, beach vacations or anywhere else where the kiddos had fun. Ask family members for quotes about each pic, captioning the photos with memorable lines that describe the family fun experiences.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to create a beautiful board book about your amazing family! Ready to get started? Check out our My Amazing Board Book template and start adding in your favorite family memories.