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10 Special Christmas Board Book Ideas for Busy Parents

A customized board book is a perfect present. Unfortunately, too many parents hesitate to give their kids these memorable gifts because they are already caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle. Not anymore!

We’ve gathered up some of our favorite festive board ideas to show you just how easy it is to personalize a board book that showcases all the special moments of this Christmas season. All you have to do is choose one of the ideas below, upload your favorite family photos, and add a few words of text. It’s a Christmas miracle!

My Special Christmas

First, we are happy to share our personalized My Special Christmas board book. This is a treat for busy families! This board book is designed with Christmas illustrations and text reminding the reader of all the special things we do during Christmas, such as “Christmas is a time for joy.” All you must do is choose 8 of your favorite photos, upload them to the project, and customize as desired.

If you want to customize a book from scratch, here are some of our favorite Christmas board book ideas:

Tree Shopping and Decorating

For many families, picking out the Christmas tree and decorating it is the main event of the holiday season. Whether this is your baby’s first time to the Christmas tree farm or your tween’s favorite Christmas tradition, a board book celebrating this family activity is a wonderful idea.

Christmas Carols Come to Life

Does your family bring the carol “Jingle Bells” to life by riding in a “one-horse open sleigh”? Do you go “walking in a winter wonderland” or “build a snowman”? If so, turn the lyrics of beloved Christmas carols into a photo memory book that captures all your family’s song-worthy holiday adventures.


The time when children still believe in Santa is special. Take time to capture their innocence and belief in all things Santa in a board book. Include pictures of their visits to Santa, the letters they write to him, and snapshots of the cookies they bake to leave him on Christmas Eve.

Joy and Wonder

If your family embraces the Christmas story, create a board book that celebrates the religious tradition and the ways your family celebrates the birth of Jesus. In addition to including Bible verses, use pictures that show your children learning about the reason for the season.

Christmas Cooking and Holiday Baking

Christmas is not Christmas without Christmas cookies! If this sounds like your family, then design a board book that showcases your culinary masterpieces – and makes those who view the book hungry for more! You may even want to consider including your family’s Christmas cookie recipe.

Let It Snow

We never grow too old to play in the snow. Take all the photos you have of your loved ones enjoying their snow days and make a snowy board book. Highlight special memories, such as the family snowball fight and the snowman building competition.

Christmas Display Fun

Whether you enjoy going to look at elaborate Christmas window displays or your family puts on your own outdoor Christmas display for the neighbors to see, you have an opportunity to capture your favorite moments in a board book. Photograph your kids gazing with wonder at extravagant displays or your kids helping set up your outdoor Christmas light spectacular.

My First Christmas

A baby’s first Christmas is sure to be filled with memorable moments. Design a board book that captures all the special firsts during the most wonderful time of the year. Baby’s first visit with Santa, baby’s first stocking, baby’s first ornament, baby’s first taste of a Christmas cookie – you get the picture.

Holiday Cheer

Christmas time is full of laughter and cheer. Why not simply create a board book that celebrates all of the joy of the holiday season? Include smiling pictures of those you love and memorable Christmas moments. The bigger the smiles, the better!

With all these ideas, the hardest decision will be choosing which one! We hope this Christmas is a special one and that our board books help you preserve the memories long after the holiday season is over. If you are ready to begin, check out our new My Special Christmas Board Book, hop over to our Pint Sized Board Book Library or create a custom board book of your own!

A reminder from Santa’s elves: If you want your board book delivered by Christmas Eve, review our Christmas order deadlines.