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Valentine’s Day Board Book Ideas

Now that you’re a parent, Valentine’s Day has an entirely different meaning. Instead of celebrating with long-stemmed roses, champagne and a night alone with your honey, this year’s holiday is all about snuggles, cuddles and family fun. Yes, this most loving day may have changed when it comes to the basics. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t gotten even better.

Whether you’re heading out for a Valentine’s Day family adventure or staying in to celebrate at home, creating a photo-filled board book lets you capture those precious memories forever. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to begin, check out these Valentine’s Day book theme ideas that will help tell your family’s Valentine’s Day story.

Mommy’s Little Love

It’s just mom and baby this Valentine’s Day. Okay, it’s not only the two of you. But this book is filled with pages that feature the mother-child bond. Capture pics of cuddles, dress in matching outfits for a cute couple of poses or snap photos of both of your hands linked together.

Daddy’s Best Buddy

Mom isn’t the only parent who is spending time with the kiddos on Valentine’s Day. This theme focuses on everything day and child. Take pics of a day at play, pose dad’s big foot next to the baby’s tiny toes or include those warm, snuggly moments that dad shares with his mini-me.

Hearts Everywhere

Hearts are the symbol of Valentine’s Day. Along with adding hearts to the book’s pages, keep the theme going in the pictures themselves. Have the kids make heart shapes with their hands, arms or entire bodies as they pose for sweet photos.

Flower Power

Roses don’t just come by the dozen. And they aren’t reserved for your significant other either. Begin a Valentine’s Day board book with a holiday flower theme. Frame your kids’ faces with flower designs, fill the pages with photos that feature flowers or have your pint-sized Picasso paint their own flower pictures that you photograph and add to the book.

Family History

Celebrate the love that your family shares with a look back. Highlight special moments, such as your wedding or pregnancy pictures, as you tell the tale of how your family of three, four or more came to be.

Beautiful Backdrops

Get artsy and craft a few different holiday backdrops for family photos. The kids can get in on the art-making action, painting over-sized hearts or designing a Valentine’s Day mural. Put your kiddos’ creations behind you as backdrops for family photos. Each page of the book can highlight a different backdrop that the kids have created for this love-filled holiday.

Candy Cuteness

Conversation hearts, chocolate, and heart-shaped lollipops are holiday favorites. Create a Valentine’s photo book that’s all about candy — and your kids, of course. Each page can feature a different type of Valentine’s Day treat!

Cooking with the Kids

Take the Valentine’s treat or candy theme to the next level with a cute kids’ cookbook. Put together your favorite holiday recipes, turning them into a how-to. Include the recipes along with photos of your child helping you to prep, mix, mash and cook them. Add a new book each year or use this one as an annual holiday goodie-making guide.

Holiday Colors

Reds, pinks, and purples fill the Valentine’s Day décor. Keep the color palette going with a holiday board book. Choose photos that show your family wearing the colors. Add these to book pages that feature the hues. Instead of going with a pink clothing, pink book page theme, try mixing it up a bit. Add your family’s red shirt-filled portrait photo to a pink or purple book page background for a cool contrast.


Alright, now you have some ideas its time to start creating your very own custom board book!

If you aren’t looking to build a book from scratch take a look at our personalized board book option. Just upload your favorite photos into our pre-made templates and you will have a special photo book created within minutes. Check out our featured Valentine’s Day templates Love is… and My Sweet Valentine.