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The More The Merrier: How to Save on International Shipping

As everyone knows, international shipping rates can be very pricey. We are fortunate as a company to be able to say that we have customers all over the world. As we have no control over the shipping rates we often tell people to ask their friends and family if they are interested in creating a book and if so, place your orders together so shipping charge is shared by the group.

An easy way to do this is to create a “framily” username and password that can be shared with everyone in your group. When people complete their book, add it to the cart and store it there until everyone has completed their custom board book. When everyone has completed their books, simply go to your shopping cart and check out!

Just remember that your “framily’s” username and password must be created from an email address that does not already have an existing account associated with it and only one user should be logged into the account at a given time.