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Our Favorite Winter Board Book Ideas

The mercury is dipping, the snow’s falling and your kiddo is looking adorable all decked out in their winter gear. So you pretty much play the role of paparazzi, snapping pics of the littles as they traipse through the snow, build icy cold sculptures, sled, skate and make all kinds of winter memories.

Before you store those precious pics on your computer, to never be seen again, put them on display. How can you display these fab family-fun photos? With a creative board book, of course! Check out these winter-themed picture book ideas.

A Winter’s Break

School is out and the kiddos are home with you. Whether it’s a regularly-scheduled school break or they have a snow day, follow your kids around with a camera in tow. Catch them in the act, making indoor pillow forts, outdoor snow forts or simply snuggling up in sleeping bags during a living room camping trip. These pics are perfectly precious. Create a chronological winter break board book that captures these seasonal memories. If your child isn’t in school yet or already had their break, photograph them during “off” times. This might mean taking pics when they’re snacking on a meal that they made, decorating wintery cookies or putting on their winter gear.

Snow Adventures

The fluffy white stuff is adventure-making, to say the least. Your kiddo adores exploring the great winter outdoors. Now’s the time to take those candids, getting pictures of your child catching snowflakes, making snow angels, building snow people and so much more. Try a day-by-day book that features a week’s worth of activities or more!

Ice Skating

The slipping, the skidding and the sheer joy that your child experiences as they live out their Olympic dreams in the rink is a truly memorable time. Whether your child is twirling like a pro or can barely let go of the wall, ice skating action pics are awesomely adorable. Snap pics on one day, creating a board book of the activity. Or you can take photos of your child all winter long, tracking their ice skating progress.

Snow Memories

Creating a cute keepsake board book is an annual tradition that you can start right now. Whether your child is rolling snowballs, skiing down a major hill or hanging with their best buddies during a sledding challenge, these photos are always memory makers. Before you know it, you’ll have an entire library of snow memory books that chronicle your child’s growth and development, while documenting winter snow play fun days throughout the years.

I Love Winter

What’s your child’s favorite season? If it’s winter, you’re in luck. Ask your child to pick their favorite things about the winter months. This can include anything from sledding, skating, or to the snow itself. Along with taking the pics yourself, have your child snap a few too. They can pick outdoor scenes that interest them or anything else that screams, “winter.”


The snow’s flying around your child’s rosy face. They’re giggling, belly-laughing and loving just about everything that has to do with their downhill adventure. Be there on the sidelines to capture the memories of the day. Make a play-by-play picture book of each race down the sledding hill, including silly pics of your kiddo making faces as they whoosh by.

Building a Snowman

This is a step by step process that goes from rolling a teeny, tiny ball of the chilly white stuff to adding fashion accents. Photograph each step of the snowman-making, catching the entire wintery activity. Ask your child to arrange the pics, putting them into an instructional how-to type of order. This gives your child the chance to recreate the day’s events, learn about sequencing and relive super-snowy memories. You can also use your board book as an instructional manual next year — when your child gets back into the swing of snowy things!

With all these great ideas its time to get started on making your very own personalized board book! We can’t wait to see what you will create!