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How to Redeem a Pint Size Productions Gift Certificate

How to Redeem a Pint Size Productions Gift Certificate:

Step 1: 

While in your cart, select the tab that says “Submit Order via PayPal/ Gift Certificate” and then click the blue button that also states “Submit Order via PayPal/ Gift

Step 2:

Log into PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to redeem your gift certificate. You do not however, need a PayPal account to purchase a Pint Size Productions gift certificate.

Step 3:

Click “Redeem” where is says PayPal gift card, certificate, reward, or other discount.

Step 4:

Enter your specific redemption code (found on your Pint Size Productions gift certificate) and hit “Redeem”.

Step 5:

 Yahoo! You are all done, purchase is complete! Look for your adorable creation in the mail!

Please note that to fully set up your PayPal account, PayPal requires you to link your account to a credit or debit card. Your credit or debit card will only be charged if you a) choose that payment method, b) exceed the value of the gift certificate.