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Tip Tuesday: How To Empty Your Cache

Good afternoon to all of our Pint Size pals and welcome to our blog! One of our goals with this blog is to create a resource for our customers- a place where they can come to find tutorials, troubleshooting tips, creative ideas, inspiring articles, and of course all things board books!

One of the more common emails we receive is from customers who are having trouble uploading their photos and adding their book to their shopping cart. This can happen for many reasons, some of which are out of our control, but what we often tell customers to do is to “empty your cache, end and reopen your browser session, log back into the site and then access your active project”. While this is the advise we give customers because it typically takes care of the problem we also realize that tech talk isn’t for everyone and this may sound like a mumbo jumbo of words to some. After all, what’s a cache? So it’s not just a clothing store with sparkly dresses?

OK, it turns out the cache is an important part of your computer’s hard drive. Think of it as a place where your computer stores files from websites you have visited. Your computer can load websites faster because of the files you have saved in your cache. In one respect your cache is awesome because it saves you time. However, on the other hand, it can be problematic because it in order to save time loading pages, it uses old files and these old files do not consist of the photos you have uploaded or the text you have added.

So, how do you empty your cache? It actually depends on what Internet browser you are using. Here s a link where you can find step by step instructions on how to empty your cache based on what browser you are using:

The next step is to end your browser session. While you have your internet browser open, click on “File” and then hit “Close”. After it has been shut down, you can then reopen your browser, go to and log in with your user name and password and access any project you have be working on or any project you have previously completed.

If you are still having trouble viewing your photos or text please email us at: so we can better help you!