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How To Create a New Shipping Address

How To Create a New Shipping Address:

1) Log in with your username and password.
2) Click “Profile”.
3) Click on the “My Addresses” tab.
4) The address that appears in the grey rectangle is your current shipping address. Above that is a smaller rectangle that says “Add New Address”- click on that box.
5) Fill in all of the necessary information for your new shipping address and hit “save”. All of your addresses will now be saved in your “My Addresses” tab.
6) Go to view your shopping cart. Your shopping cart and all of your items will appear to be checked out. To the right of the image of your item, it will say “Ship To:” with a drop down box underneath. When you select the drop down box, all of your saved addresses will appear. Choose whatever address you would like the item shipped to.

Please note that you can choose a different shipping address for each item in your cart.