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The Best 6 Parenting Apps

An article posted in Parenting Hacks All Posts on Mar 08, 2017


Parenting isn’t always easy. It takes a village, right? Sometimes you don’t have a band of buddies behind you to help out with all of the day-to-day issues that you, as a parent, have to tackle. That’s okay. Even if you’re going it alone (or it’s just you and your significant other), technology is here to save the day! Whether you need help organizing, something to keep the kiddos busy, or are looking for deals (but, don’t have time to search dozens of sites), these awesome apps are the new mother’s little helpers.


Chore chart? No way. That’s so 1980s. ChoreMonster is the tech-friendly version of the old school chart. Parents register through the app, add their kiddos and create chores. Doing chores helps the kids rack up points. Children can then turn in their points (to mom and dad) for rewards. The app keeps track of it all!



Organizing your life as a busy parent is – well, let’s just say it’s a challenge. You have a zillion little to-do lists scattered around the house, in your phone, and stuck on sticky notes in the car (and that’s not even mentioning all of the random scraps of paper that the fridge magnets are holding). Not only do you have lists galore, but you also have a calendar to oh-so delicately balance, bills to pay (or at least bills that you need to remember to pay) and so much more. No parent wants to be the mom or the dad who forgot to show up for the school play or missed soccer practice pick-up by an hour. Well, 24me has you covered. It’s that personal assistant you so desperately need, but as an app! It lets you set reminders and links to your social networks and financial accounts. With this app, personal assistants aren’t just for those super-star celebs.

Dexteria Apps

This family of apps is designed to educate your little learner, while entertaining them too. These awesome apps help kids build fine motor skills, develop spatial reasoning abilities, learn about basic math concepts and bonus – they’re fun. Dexteria’s apps come in an array of options. These include P.O.V. (spatial reasoning, left/right, math, and mapping), LetterReflex (for children with dyslexia), Dexteria (fine motor development), Dexteria Jr. (the pint-sized version of Dexteria, for kids ages 2-6), Dexteria Dots and Dexteria Dots 2 (fine motor, visual motor, visual memory, and math) and Dexteria VMI (visual-motor integration).



Who has time to sift through coupons, deal websites and your favorite stores’ circulars? Not busy parents. That’s why you need an app like Shopular. The app gives users notifications from top retailers when there are can’t-miss deals. And, not just any retailer. The app provides offers from stores that are actually near you. It also lets you choose which deals you see, and which ones you don’t (eliminating the need to browse through totally unnecessary deals that you could care less about). You can also redeem coupons straight from your phone and join in with the app’s interactive community of other shoppers.


Your toddler has just about had it with the shopping trip. And, there you are on your phone trying to compare prices. You want the best deal you can get. So that means looking through website after website (from your smartphone) until you’re sure that what’s right in front of you is the best. Well, RedLaser makes your shopper’s comparison much easier (and gets your toddler out of the store without as much fuss). Simply scan an item and get prices, reviews, ratings and more.

Bank of Mom


Teach your kiddo financial literacy from the get go. Bank of Mom lets you easily keep track of your child’s allowance, birthday gifts, and any money that they earn. Create accounts for each child, track transactions, and even track time that your child spends on activities (such as video game play).

These time-saving apps will help streamline your day and leave you with more time to enjoy your kiddos and family. Take advantage of all that technology has to offer to help you experience more of life’s precious moments!