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Soberscove Press and Pint Size Productions


OK, so here at Pint Size Productions we have to admit, we have some pretty cool jobs. Everyday, we get to come to work and see the awesome books you guys create! We are truly delighted by all our your creativity… KUDOS! One thing we are always curious about though is what you guys do with the blank boards books you purchase from us and we would truly love it if you shared your creations with us!
We wanted to take a moment and share with all of our readers this really cool event that took place this past Spring. Soberscove Press, along with Poetry Foundation & Poetry Magazine, teamed up and hosted a Children’s Book Making Party. Check out all the great pictures from the party at Soberscove’s Facebook Page:
So as you can see, all you would need to host a great event like this is some blank board books, a large drop cloth, finger paints, markers, stickers, crayons etc., -the possibilities are endless and the more creative the better!
Thank you Soberscove Press for sharing this with us and to everyone else out there, show us what you do with your blank board books! We would love to hear from you, so send us your photos of your finished product or your photos of your book making events at or leave them on our Facebook page