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12 Fun Things That Will Make Christmas Even More Magical

Children help adults remember the magic of Christmas. All it takes is seeing the joy and excitement on a child’s face when he or she wakes up Christmas morning to discover what Santa left behind. Everything from magical elves to trips to sit on Santa’s lap makes this a season full on wonder.

And, parents are the ones who control the magic. It is up to parents to make Christmas magical. The more magic we embrace in our homes, the more our kids will grow up believing in magic. If you are looking for ways to make Christmas even more magical, you’ve come to the right place! We’re listing twelve fun things parents can do that will have their kids bubbling over with Christmas joy.

Utilize websites and apps to get personalized messages from Santa

With technology, it is easier than ever before to make Santa real in your child’s eyes. For example, Texts from Santa is a website where registered users can get daily text messages from Santa on the days leading up to Christmas. Even better – this same site allows users to create a Santa selfie with a picture of Santa in your own home to show your kids Christmas morning. Plus, some websites will create personalized Santa videos for children, such as Portable North Pole.

“Elf” your neighbors

Teach your kids how to spread Christmas cheer in a fun way by “elfing” your neighbors. Fill treat bags with Christmas goodies and stealthily place them on your neighbors’ doorstep, ring the bell, and hide! The key is to keep it a surprise gift from a secret neighborhood elf.

Take a special Christmas Eve light ride

On Christmas Eve, when your kids are too excited to go to bed, load them up in the family van in their pajamas. Pack popcorn, cookies, and thermos filled with hot cocoa, and drive around town looking at Christmas lights.

Track Santa’s path

Tracking Santa is another fun and easy way to make Christmas even more magical. In addition to television news stations tracking Santa’s path, you can also track Santa using websites, apps, and even by asking Siri or Alexa where Santa is currently located.

Leave food for Santa AND his reindeer

While most families leave Santa milk and cookies, you can take it up a notch by leaving food for Santa’s reindeer too. Simply leave out a few carrots or apples outside for the reindeer to munch on while Santa leaves the gifts.

Wear fun Christmas pajamas

At bedtime, present kids with a new pair of special Christmas pajamas and read your family’s favorite Christmas story such as The Polar Express or ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. This is a tradition that your family will be able to continue year after year – even as your kids grow.

Leave a special note in your child’s stocking from Santa

A great way to make Christmas not only about gifts is to also leave a note from Santa that describes the things your child has done well this year. A simple short note that praises a child’s best qualities is a wonderful gift to give a child.

Mark the spot where Santa and his reindeer stood

Give your children proof that Santa visited beyond eating the cookies. Mark a spot by the gifts with a boot print with a white powder such as flour. In your yard, leave glitter to show the magical reindeer flew over your yard.

Wrap the doorway

If your kids must walk through a doorway to get to their stockings and presents, use wrapping paper to wrap the space. Kids will love having to bust through the Christmas paper to find what is awaiting them.

Send kids on a Christmas scavenger hunt

You know what is even better than being handed a gift? Being sent on a fun scavenger hunt to find your present! Create a short scavenger hunt that will lead kids to their “big gift.” This will build their anticipation and create wonderful memories.

Enjoy a special Christmas breakfast

After all the presents have been opened, enjoy a special Christmas breakfast. It doesn’t take much to make Christmas breakfast special. If you are in a rush, simply having special Christmas plates will make the morning feel like a party. If you have time, create Christmas-themed dishes such as Santa pancakes.

We hope your family has a magical Christmas! As you make memories with your family this holiday season, be sure to check out our Pint Size Board Book Library for ideas on how to craft a custom board book that captures all the Christmas magic.

What fun things do you do to make Christmas even more magical for your family?