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How To Make Getting a Pet a Memorable & Educational Experience For Kids

Your family is expanding! And no, you aren’t having a baby. Whether you’re getting a playful pup or a feisty feline, adding a new animal to the mix is a transition that your child can learn from. Not only is your kiddo getting a new furry BFF, but this is also a prime time to talk about pets and how to care for them.

How can you turn getting a new pet into an educational, and engaging, experience for your child? Check out the easy ways that you can make this time memorable for the entire family.

Journey Story

As you help your little learner to better understand the animal adoption process and how to care for their new pet, document the fun with plenty of pics. Start at the beginning, photographing your child as they visit or help to pick out the new pet. Keep documenting your new furry family member’s story, snapping photos as your child cares for and snuggles with the Fluffy or Fido. Add all the photos into one book or create separate ones that capture each stage of your pet’s life.

Shelter Visit
Where do dogs and cats come from? Well literally, they come from their parents. But when it comes to adopting a pet, plenty come from shelters. Nearly 3.2 million pets are adopted from animal shelters annually, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Help your child to understand what shelters are and how they help our furry friends by visiting one. Call ahead and ask for the shelter’s hours and rules. They may even be able to give you a mini tour of their facility too!

Animal Interview

Not all pets are the “right” fit for your family. The adorable fuzzy pup that cuddles up to you may feel threatened by your small child. It’s important to find the right match between pet and pet parent. Instead of pointing and picking the cutest kitten or perkiest puppy, select a few real possibilities. Next, take some time for a meet and greet. This gives your child the chance to get to know the animal and vice versa. Your child can even create a list of “interview questions” for the potential pets. While they won’t get a verbal answer, the question creation process is a fun way to get your child thinking about what type of pet makes a good match for your family.

Homecoming Helper

The first day home marks the start of your family’s new journey. Celebrate this momentous occasion with a pet-themed party. Your child can craft their own decorations, make a special ‘home’ for the pet and arrange their food and water dishes just so. When your family’s new member finally comes home, take pics of the welcome party. These priceless pictures are perfect for a memory book!

Growth Chart

Is your child growing up with the new family pet? If you’re getting a puppy, kitten or other young animals, then you have two little ones to think about. Take the same photo of your child and their pet every month, showing how they’re growing up together. After you get plenty of pics, turn them into a memory book to look back on for years to come!

Caring Kids

Now that your new pet is home, it’s time for the work to start. Even though caring for a new animal is fun, it also takes time and effort. If your child isn’t sure how to care for the pet, make a photo book to illustrate your pet’s daily needs. Photograph your child feeding your new furry friend, giving them water, walking them, brushing their fur or snuggling up to them. Add captions to the pics in your book and read it often. This serves as a creative reminder when your little one forgets their animal care duties.

We hope these ideas helped to inspire you. From furry to feathered you can create a board book about your newest family member and cherish it for years to come! Ready to get started? Check out our My Pet Is The Best board book template or view the custom board book option to create your very own personalized photo book!