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Create a Memorable Board Book to Commemorate Your Baby Shower

Baby Shower Ideas by Pint Size ProductionsA baby shower is a special occasion for moms-to-be to be lavishly loved and celebrated. It is also a time when family and friends get to show how much they already love their precious child.

Given that it is such a special occasion, it is important to record as many memories from the day as possible. Once upon a time, the baby shower host would provide an album where the attendees and their gifts would be recorded. While that tradition is not as common today, it is still tradition to keep a list of who gave what so the mom-to-be can send out thank you notes. Plus, it is still common to take photo after photo.

So, what should you do with the lists and photos? Instead of just storing pictures digitally, create a custom baby shower memory book to share with loved ones!

A Special Gift for Mom and Baby

Baby Cake
A baby shower memory book will be a special gift for the mom that will be cherished long after the new arrival. As she looks through each page, she will get to relive the day. Most importantly, she will remember how much love and support surrounds her.

Additionally, a baby shower memory book is a gift the mom can share with the newest member of the family when he or she is born. This is a wonderful way to show little ones that they were loved even before they were born.

As Maureen Hawkins said, “Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. Before you were here an hour, I would die for you. This is the miracle of love.” As they grow, children will be able to see this evidence by looking through the baby shower memory book.

Plus, it is a great way to begin teaching babies to recognize family members and close friends. As mom and baby look through the memory book together, mom can point out who each person is and explain why they came to the special party.

Things Your Board Book Should Definitely Include

Things your Board Book Should Include

Now let’s talk about how to make a baby shower memory book. First, let’s talk about the things you must include in your memory book.

  • The date, the time, and the place. You may opt to include a photo of the baby shower invitation.
  • Photos of mom-to-be. Plus, photos of those who attended. If you use Pint Size Custom Board Books to create your book, you can add text to identify attendees.
  • Descriptions of the décor, theme, and food. Add photos!
  • Photos of mom opening gifts. You may choose to include photos of as many gifts as you can fit, or you may choose to only include photos of a few of the more sentimental presents.
  • Game photos. One of the best parts of a baby shower is playing the silly baby-themed games. Be sure to include fun photos and the name of the games you played.

Other Memorable Items to Add to Your Baby Shower Book

You can make the baby shower book even more memorable. For example, a common thing to do at a baby shower is to have guests make predictions about the baby’s size and arrival date. Add a text box to include this information. After the baby arrives, you can circle the winners!

Another tradition at a baby shower is for guests to write down advice for the new parents. Try to include as many of these tips and pieces of advice as possible. Quick tip – rather than rewriting these advice notes, take photos and then upload the photos to your baby shower memory book.

Pint Size’s Custom Board Books Give You Freedom


Swaddle BabySince every baby shower is different, you will love being able to design a custom board book. Pint Size Productions custom board books allow users to create simple board books as well as designer board books. You get to choose the size board book you want, upload your favorite photos, add personal captions, and change the font sizes and colors.