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9 Father’s Day Board Book Ideas To Make The Perfect Gift For Dad

Celebrate dad this Father’s Day with a creative board book that’s filled with memories to cherish. Make it magical and design a keepsake that dad won’t just enjoy now — but for years to come. Whether your kiddo is a newborn, just starting to crawl, a preschooler or older, a daddy’s day board book is the perfect way to personalize a present and go well beyond the usual gifting suspects.

What should you include in a Father’s Day photo board book? Take a look at these easy ideas for taking pics, organizing photos and designing the book of dad’s dreams.

Lots of Love

Your kiddo can show dad just how much they love them with a few fun-filled photos. Snap pics of your baby wearing an, “I love daddy” onesie, your toddler shaping their arms into a heart or your preschooler/older child signing “I love you.” Try a few different photos, mixing and matching them into one sweet book.

Then and Now

Ask your in-laws for old baby/childhood photos of your kiddos’ daddy. Recreate the pics with your kids, trying to get as close to the originals as possible. Dress your child in the same clothes that dad wore, look for similar backgrounds and help your child to pose in the same way that their proud papa did. Create a board book that has one pic — a then, and a now — on each side.

Kid-Created Pics

Instead of taking the photos yourself, ask your child to. Turn the camera over to your preschool-aged photog and let them decide what says, “Dad” to them. They can snap pics that remind them of dad or in some other represent the man of the hour. Have your creative kiddo help you to arrange their photos into a completely child-created board book.

Daddy’s Day

How did dad spend Father’s Day last year? What about the year before? If this isn’t dad’s first Father’s Day, put together a retrospective of the holiday from year to year.

Favorite Things

What are dad’s favorite things? This photo book shows dad how much his family knows about him. Take pics of everything, and everyone, dad loves. Add captions that explain why each item/person is so very special to dad on each page.

Activity Book

This photo board book is much more than a memory-maker. It provides a blueprint for the best Father’s Day ever! Pick a few family-fun activities that dad will enjoy on his big day. Photograph your child trying out each activity. Add detailed directions for each activity idea, giving dad the steps to have the best Father’s Day.

Foodie Finds

Build a board book that also doubles as a dad’s day cookbook. Photograph the ingredients and write captions that feature the entire recipes. Not only will this give dad a choice of Father’s Day dinner picks, but it also provides him with meal ideas for the rest of the year. And bonus, the kids can help cook too!


Even though your baby can’t spell just yet, they certainly can help hold “DADDY” signs for a special board book. Draw each letter onto an 8×10-inch piece of cardstock paper. Have your little one hold the letter or place the paper next to them. Photograph your baby with each letter, putting them all together into one photo book. Older kids can craft their own artsy letters to hold in the photos.

Sweet Sports Star

Whether dad is all about soccer, is a football fanatic or loves another athletic activity, he’ll completely appreciate a book about the sport. Instead of filling it with famous sports stars, take photos of your child playing each game.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to create your own board book! Ready to get started? Check out our My Dad Is Great Father’s Day template or create your own design with our Custom Board Books.