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Our 8 Favorite Summer Board Book Ideas

With summertime comes fun, photos and plenty of memories to cherish. You’ve got pics of your kiddo at play, at rest, on vacay, and making magical memories. Preserve these moments forever in a summer-themed photo board book! If you’re short on ideas and need some inspiration, check out these awesome ideas.

Strawberry Picking

The berries are growing, and your tot can’t wait to start picking. As you head to the farm for a strawberry fest, start snapping pics. Take photos of your little one getting ready for their fresh farm activity, starting a timeline of the day’s events. Keep photographing your child as they pick the best berries. Don’t forget to take pictures of the end result — the strawberries and what you make out of them. Put the book together in chronological order, adding captions to each page, such as, “Berry-picking prep” or, “It’s a fruit-filled family day!” You can even create special pages for individual berries, including the biggest pick and the funniest shape.

Fishing Days

Your kiddo’s first fishing trip is a summertime memory that you won’t ever want to forget. Catch your kiddo at play, enjoying the act of fishing or pretending that they’re a captain on a boat. Photograph the fish your child catches along with the rod, reel and all of the other equipment. Put together a board book that features each different fish or create an A,B,C’s of your fishing days, including one page/photo for each letter of the alphabet.

My Summer Vacation

Leave this one to the kids. Create a board book that is all about your summer vacation — from your child’s P.O.V. Hand over the camera and let your child play the role of paparazzi during the trip. Have them help you to put the pics together in chronological order or group them based on themes. Your family can pick one theme, or a few, such as, “Places where we ate our favorite foods”, “Fun and games”, “Watersports” or any other vacation-inspired idea.

Beach Days

Bring the beach back with a board book that features the best of those sand and sun-soaked days. Take pics of everything from the waves to your child’s massive sandcastle. Put together a, “day in the life of a beach-goer” book, featuring everything that your family did from start to finish. Or you can create a photo book that focuses on one aspect of the beach vacation. Think sand sculptures, beach towels, shells or beach activities.

Garden Days

How does your garden grow? If it grows courtesy of the kids, use this opportunity to take some fabulous photos. Start with the early stages of garden prep and planting. As the plants grow, photograph them along with your child’s foot, shoe or hand to show just how much they’re growing. Another option is to also add in the results of the garden growing activity. Include pictures of the flowers, fruits and veggies, highlighting how they’ve gone from seeds/seedlings to full-fledged plants.

Farm Days

What noise does the cow make? If you’re helping your tot to learn the animals’ names and the sounds that they make, a photo board book can help. Photograph as many animals as you can on your farm trip. Add them one at a time, along with a caption that spells out the word that they make.

Our Lake Vacation

Take those magical lake memories and turn them into a photo board book that captures absolutely everything that you did. From pictures of the lake to photos of your kids splashing around, piece together a timeline of your summer vacation. If you have too many photos to fit in one book, create several separate ones by activity, family member or vacation day.

Summer is the season of sun, memories and family fun. We hope these ideas will inspire your next project! Ready to get started? Check out our custom board books to make a completely personalized board book. We also have board book templates that you can easily put your favorite photos into,  like out My Family Is Amazing book. View our selection to start making memories you can cherish for years to come.