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7 Spring Board Book Ideas

Spring has sprung! And you want to capture every magical moment of it. You’re clicking away, snapping pic after pic on your cell. Now what? Well, you could leave those adorable sweet photos on your phone — or just hanging out on a cloud somewhere in Internet space. Or you could transform them into a seasonal board book.

Instead of letting your family photos linger, tell a spring-time story with them. If you’re not entirely sure what type of theme to use or you’re looking for a few fun family-focused ideas that also happen to make for perfect photo ops, check out these spring board book ideas.

Planting Flowers

The garden is ready for some serious growing. Start with the first step, picking out the plants or selecting seeds. Play the role of paparazzi, following your child as they help to choose flowers, veggies, and other plants to grow in the family garden. Keep photographing them as they help to plant and care for the garden. Turn this into a how-to or step-by-step board book of spring-time gardening.


The Easter holiday comes with an almost endless number of options for photo book themes. From coloring eggs to the egg hunt itself, and everything in between, you can snap pics as your child takes on your family’s Easter traditions. Put together a photo book that showcases grandma’s holiday dinner, a visit with the Easter bunny or of your kiddo’s awesome Easter basket.

Turning Into Spring

The ice is thawing, the snow is melting and the flowers are blooming. Ask your child to document the change of the seasons — with your help, of course. Take a spring-time nature walk, photographing the transition from chilly winter weather to a sunny spring.

Animal Adventures

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer all those furry and fuzzy creatures are coming out of hiding. Your kiddo is completely into the fawns following their mamas in the backyard and the rabbits that are hopping through the garden. Even though your little animal enthusiast wants to pet and play with the cuddly critters, you know that touching wildlife is a major no-no. Instead of getting too close to your child’s furry or feathered friends, snap pictures of them for your very own “Animal Adventures” spring-time board book.

In the Trees

Flowers don’t only grow on the ground. Look up and what do you see in the outdoor spring scene? It’s likely that you’ll find more than a few flowering trees. Capture the blooming colors in vivid photos. Photograph your child sitting under a flowering tree, as they climb the trees large limbs or as they play in the falling petals.

Spring Showers

You know what they say about April showers. Well, now it’s time to capture the spring-time weather in all its glory. Pick a crystal-clear window to take photos from or stand under your porch roof. If the rain doesn’t come coupled with thunder and lighting, dress your kiddo in their rain gear and head outside to splash around. The ‘dancing in the rain’ pics will make for an action-packed spring photo book.

Bugs and Bees

The spring-time warmth brings out the creepy crawlies. Before you run from those pesky little insects, take a moment to marvel at their awesomeness with your science-loving kid. Your child doesn’t have to cozy up to ladybugs, bees and other bugs that are suddenly everywhere. Instead, use a camera to focus from far away. After taking plenty of buggy pics, organize them into a nature board book for your child to explore.

We hope these board book ideas will help you create a beautiful family memory board book that you can cherish for years to come. Already have an idea? Check out our custom board books to start building your families spring story.