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9 Mother’s Day Board Book Ideas

It’s mom’s special day! And what better way to celebrate the woman who does so much for everyone than with a cute, completely customized board book? Not only is a photo book that’s filled with “mommy and me” pics a sweetly sentimental tribute to an awesome mama, but it’s also a creative keepsake that you can read and re-read year after year.

What should you fill your Mother’s Day board book with? Check out these crafty themes that spell out the little ones love for their magical, magnificent and marvelous mama.

Mini Me

Your tot loves dressing up like their mama. Play up their imaginative side with a “mini-me” board book theme. Give your kiddo choices from mom’s wardrobe and let them dress up in a favorite jacket, mommy’s work clothes or her old college sweatshirt. Snap pics and arrange them on pages next to older photos of mom in her own “mom-wear.”

Favorite Places

Where are mom’s favorite places to go with her kiddos? Put together a book that features photos of much-loved vacation spots, well-visited areas around town or even your own backyard. Of course, make sure all the pics include mom and the kids too!

Sweet Signs

Get crafty and help your little artist bring out their inner Picasso. Take out the crayons, markers or tempera paints and have your tot paint sweet, sweet Mother’s Day message signs to mom. Don’t worry if your child can’t write or paint the words “mom” or “Mother’s Day” yet. They can create their own picture versions of their messages to mama. Snap photos of the artist and their work, adding each one to your board book.

Lots of Hearts

How many ways can your child say, “I love you” to mom? Even though they can’t actually speak the words in a photo book, they can show their love through hearts. That is, through lots and lots of hearts. Find different ways to photograph your tot — all with hearts! They can move their body into a heart shape, wear a heart t-shirt, draw a heart in a backyard mud pie-fest or make hearts out of their building blocks.

We Are Family

Mom will cherish a picture-perfect board book that’s filled with family fun. Put together the best candids and posed pics of mom, the kids and everyone else in the family. You can even include the fur babies too.

Tot Timeline

Start the book out with photos of mom’s pregnancy. Keep right on going through baby’s birthday, into the newborn phase and up until present day. Caption each photo with the date and a quote about the mommy memory.

Team Mom

Who’s on team mom? Um, everyone in the family is. Create a lineup of cute pics that feature the kids wearing specially made “Team Mom” t’s. You can even go outside and snap photos of “Team Mom” playing football, soccer, baseball or whatever mom’s favorite game is.

Flower Power

Forget about giving mom a bouquet of flowers for her special day. Flowers wilt and fade — but a photo book of them won’t. Take pictures of your child holding flowers, growing flowers in the garden, making faux flowers or even dressed in a costume as a flower.

Cook Book

Making Mother’s Day breakfast is a time-tested family tradition. Create some of mom’s favorite meals, photographing the cooking process. This means snapping pics of the kids as they measure, mix and stir. You can also take photos of the finished product. Along with the pictures, add captions that feature ingredients lists and how-to steps.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to make your very own board book to celebrate the mother in your life. Ready to get started? Check out our pre-made Mothers Day template Mommy Loves Me to have a gift you can cherish forever in only a few minutes.