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10 Halloween Board Book Ideas You’ll Love

Boo! It’s baby’s first Halloween and you want to capture every magical moment on film — or at least on the digital version in your smartphone. Snapping sweet pics is only half the challenge. Now that you have a basic documentary view of your little one’s Halloween holiday, you don’t want to leave the photos in your camera or phone. Check out these board book template ideas for your Halloween-themed memories.

Costume Craze

It’s not unusual to find a few different costumes that are just too cute. There’s no rule saying that baby can’t have a few ensemble changes over the course of Halloween — especially if you’re attending multiple family parties. Take pics of your kiddo in each costume. Add all of the costume selections to one book, chronicling all the cuteness.

Family Time

Create sweet family portraits, Halloween style. Okay, so these are more spooky than outright sweet. But they’re just as memorable. Pick family costumes that involve everyone in the photobook-making process.

Perfect Pumpkin

Your baby plus a pumpkin equals total adorableness. Prop a pumpkin next to your seated baby, snap pics of your kiddo in a pumpkin costume or take photos of your baby at a local pumpkin farm. Put together the photos into one book that has many different pumpkin faces!

Monster Mash

Fill your photo board book with oh-so-cute pics of your kids dressed like mega monsters. Instead of going for the scare, go for the sweet. A happy Frankenstein, giggling vampire or friendly ghost? These are all easy options that you can put together in a creative way. Add captions that include the monster’s name and a fun fact about the imaginary creature!

Candy Creation

Candy and babies don’t mix. But that doesn’t mean you can’t photograph your kiddo with the bountiful Halloween booty. Spell out “Happy Halloween” with candy, placing your child behind the sweet stuff.


Are you bringing your baby trick-or-treating? Snap photos at each house, documenting this major first. Add the pictures to a photo board book, placing them in chronological order. You can caption each page with the candy you scored at the house or simply add a house number order, including the first, second, third and so on homes.

Halloween Colors

Dress baby in the colors of the season — black and orange. Take plenty of pics, organizing them into one holiday-themed book. You can also add other colorful outfits, dressing baby in a yellow, orange and white candy corn-like outfit.

Mini Me

What better way for baby to spend their first Halloween than dressed like mom or dad? Choose a mini me costume, dressing baby up just like you. After photographing the first costume, change baby into an outfit that looks like their other parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or sibling. Put the photos together into one family photo album book.

Favorite Tale

Choose a favorite kid-friendly Halloween story. Next, put your kiddo into the middle of it. Dress your baby up in costumes, make props and paint a backdrop. After photographing the scenes, turn the photos into a board book that you can ready to your child for years to come.

Alphabet Order

Pick Halloween-themed objects, activities, events or anything else. Order everything from A to Z and snap a pic of baby next to each one. This might mean “A” is for apple, “B” is for bat, “C” is for candy corn and so on. Keep the Halloween board book on-hand. In a few years when your now-baby is a then-preschooler, you can use it as a way for them to learn the letters.

We hope these ideas were helpful in making the most SPOOKtacular, unBOOlievable Halloween board book of your family! Ready to get started? Take a peek at our Pint Sized Library of Board Book templates or create a custom board book of your own!