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How to Incorporate a Foreign Language into Your Custom Board Books

An article posted in All Posts Creating a Better Board Book on Jan 07, 2014

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How to Incorporate a Foreign Language into Your Custom Board Books

Looking to write a book in another language? Interesting in incorporating foreign characters in your custom board book? This is a feature that is available using the Custom Interactive Templates! Once you have logged in to your account and picked either the 16 page or 24 page Custom Interactive book you can begin to create a unique custom board book. To incorporate a foreign language please change your font to “ArialUnicodeMS” (pictured above). You can then use any character set you have previously downloaded to create whatever content you’d like!

If you do not have a character set downloaded but would still like to write in foreign characters, try this:

– Visit

– Set the first language option to English and set the second language to whatever language you will be using.

– Write your message in the blank space provided and click the magnifying glass.

– Your translated message will appear below.

– Highlight and copy the message you would like to have in your book.

– Access your Custom Interactive book, set the font to “ArialUnicodeMS” and paste your message in to the text box of your liking.

– Repeat these steps as many times as necessary and please remember to hit “Approve” often.

How to Incorporate Special Characters  into Your Custom Board Book

Do you need to add a special character to a word in your board book? Use these helpful articles to find how to make special characters based on what type of computer you are using:

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