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Customize Your Own Are You a Cow? Board Book

Whether you are a longtime Boynton fan, or this is the first time you have heard the name, you will be tickled to discover you can gift the special child in your life with a personalized Boynton board book creation. From the bright covers to the comical animal characters to the sing-song lines, Sandra Boynton’s books always captivate the minds of even the youngest readers.

Why Boynton Books Have Stood the Test of Time

At this point, almost everyone has seen one of Sandra Boyton’s animal characters on a card, a calendar, a social media post, or in a book. For parents of young children, Sandra Boynton is THE author that appears in every nursery library. Her whimsical board books are short enough to read to babies but enjoyable enough to continue reading as they grow.

Sandra Boyton’s books have sold more than 70 million copies worldwide. To put it simply: children and parents alike love her. With simple animal characters and silly lines, Boyton has helped parents put their children to bed since 1977. Using her signature animals and rhythms, Boynton’s books help teach children animal noises, colors, opposites, and even, emotions.

Are You a Cow? is a Creative and Silly Way to Teach Sense of Self

Are You a Cow? is a book that encourages children to listen and respond with its unique question approach. Each page of this adorable board book asks the reader if he or she is a certain animal such as “Are you a duck? No.” Page after page will have kids laughing in response to being absurdly asked if they are cows or pigs or an upside-down chicken.

On the last page of this super-silly book, the reader is told that you are you – and isn’t that great! This is a playful way to teach little ones self-identity. It teaches babies to self-identify and to be proud of their individuality.

Start Teaching Your Child to Recognize His Name

Did you know that the first word children often recognize in print is their own names? By personalizing a board book with your child’s name, you are already helping teach this critical life skill. Before your child even starts school, he or she will be able to identify his or her name in print.

Pint Size Productions Unique Personalization Features for Are You a Cow?

Sandra Boynton’s Are You a Cow? is already a common board book found in children’s home libraries. However, with Pint Size Production’s personalized Boyton board books, this book becomes even more precious. The absurd line of questioning whether the reader is an animal stays the same, but the child is inserted into the story. What a fun treat!

Our very special personalized version of Boyton’s Are You a Cow? allows you to insert the child’s name as well as two photos. Not only can you add a special dedication for the child at the beginning, but your child will also love reading the final page declaring “You must be Carson!” with a picture of himself.

Additionally, this personalized edition has space for the child’s picture to appear alongside all of the familiar Boynton cartoon animals. This fun photo lineup page asks, “Which one are you?” This question and image line-up is another great way to get your child involved in the reading process.

Other Sandra Boynton Fun

We also offer a personalized edition of another super popular Sandra Boynton board book, Moo, Baa, La, La, La. Plus, we offer several plush dolls of Boynton’s most popular characters that will make story time even more exciting for Boynton’s youngest fans.

Give the special child in your life a book that is just as special as he or she is. Start personalizing Sandra Boynton’s Are You a Cow? today! For even more ideas about personalized board books from Pint Size Productions, be sure to check out our Pint Size Board Book Library for ideas on how to create a custom board book.