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3 Tips to Photographing Kids

Take better photos of your children
3 Tips to Photographing Kids

Have you ever seen pictures of children where they look so well behaved and angelic, wearing coordinating outfits, smiling from ear to ear while one child playfully touches their sibling on their shoulder? Did you immediately wonder what kind of magical potion they are on? Or more likely, what type of magical potion is their mother on to have that kind of patience? Here at Pint Size Productions, we say if you want awesome pictures, forget those ridiculously high photographer fees and pick up your own camera! Here are some tips to photographing your children:

1) Don’t be a photographer, be a photo journalist.
Let your children participate in an activity that is natural to them, one that they enjoy and observe them with your camera at hand. Start snapping and your gauranteed to have some frame worthy pictures.

2) Get on their level.
When photographing children we typically stand and take a picture from above them. Next time, try getting into a position that allows you to capture them from their perspective.

3) Ditch the word “CHEEEEESE”.
Try using something more organic; come up with a natural way of grabbing your children’s attention. If all else fails, make a funny face! That way you are sure to get a candid reaction from your child.