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9 First Birthday Book Ideas for Celebrating Your Little One

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since your little one arrived. During this first year, you’ve likely had less sleep than ever before but felt more love than ever before. You’ve watched your baby grow and change right before your eyes.

Surely you have been snapping pictures left and right because you don’t want to miss any of these precious moments. So rather than leaving these photos on your phone or social media feed, make a personalized board book.

A first birthday photo book is a great way to commemorate this special occasion. Plus, it is a wonderful way to create a keepsake you will treasure for years to come. Different from the traditional baby book, a board book is one that can also be enjoyed by your baby.

Below, you will find theme and template suggestions from the Pint Size Productions Library plus a few ideas for designing your own Pint Size book. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your child’s first-year board book.

Birthday Boy/Girl

Pint Size has a predesigned birthday board book template for boys and girls. This fun, celebratory board book template is birthday themed with birthday graphics. Parents can add up to 8 photos of their favorite moments from their baby’s special day. Additionally, there is space for customizable text on each page.

My Little Year

Offering four different cover colors (green, white, blue or pink), Pint Size’s “My Little Year” board book is a great choice for baby’s first birthday. This board book features cute animals and memory themed prompts such as “I learned,” “I loved,” and “I visited.” This book will be one of your baby’s favorites.

Birthday ABC’s

A fantastic way to celebrate a baby’s first year and introduce letters is to create a birthday ABC themed board book. Pint Size’s ABC template follows a simple “A is for…” pattern for each letter allowing parents to add a picture that corresponds with each letter such as “C is for CAKE.”

Month by Month

Design your own board book using a month by month theme. Fill one of our board books with your favorite photos and memories from each month of your baby’s first year. Keep it simple by stating the date and your baby’s age (in months).

Milestone Memories

The first year of a baby’s life is filled with milestones such as first smile and first food. Design a board book that celebrates all the big firsts in your baby’s life by choosing photos that highlight these milestone moments.

My How You’ve Grown

If you have been taking monthly photos, design a board book using these photos to showcase how your baby has grown. For example, some parents use month shirt stickers. Or other parents take a photo of their little one in the same spot with the same toy to show how much they’ve grown.

We hope your baby has a very happy birthday and that you get a chance to celebrate with an extra slice of cake. You deserve it! Preserve those special moments in a special celebratory first birthday board book. If you are ready to begin, hop over to our Pint Size Board Book Library or create a custom board book of your own!