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Pint Size Productions featured
on Hardly Housewives Blog

We are so excited to have one of our custom board books featured recently on the blog, Hardly Housewives. Read the full article here. Hardly Housewives Header
Pint Size Productions featured
in American Baby

We are so excited to have our customizable Sandra Boynton board book; "Are you a Cow?" listed in the November 2013 issue of "American Baby" magazine. Take a look at page 16 their baby booty section.

These personalized board books would make great presents for birthdays, stocking stuffers, baby gifts, etc!
The Children's Nook

My son Aidan has customized version of Are Your a Cow? by Sandra Boynton. It is the most adorable book I have come across in a long time. Aidan finds this story extremely funny and exciting. What kid wouldn't be thrilled to find his or her own picture in a book? I also love that you get to oput a personal message to the child on the inside cover of the book. This feataure helps make the already adorable book, Are You a Cow? an amazing gift and keepsake for any child!

Pint Size Productions makes customizing Are You a Cow? an easy and painless process. You simply provide them with the child's name and initials, your personal message and upload two photos. Pint Size Productions digitally prints and binds your board book then ships it right to your door! Despite the face this book had to be custom-made for my child, the book arrived very quickly. I was very impressed with the speed and accuracy of their service. Pint Size Productions is a great resource for finding wonderful customized gifts for children.
Moms Like Me
MomLikeMe.com Partners with
Pint Size Productions
"MomsLikeMe.com was delighted to partner with Pint Size Productions for our Father's Day Sweepstakes. Terry took great care of our winners, making sure their personalized books arrived in time for the holiday. Absolutely wonderful to work with. True champions in customer service!"

Jen Bolger
Marketing Manager
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Sandra Boynton introduces the
best book character EVER
Sandra Boynton's newest character in her newest book is the sweetest, funniest, cutest critter ever: My kid. And not because his sister drew him in with my missing Sharpie.

I just love Are You a Cow?, a customizable (yes, customizable) board book by world-famous, best-selling children's author Sandra Boynton. If you don't recognize the name, you can still probably recite her books by heart - Oh Me Oh My Dinosaurs, Barnyard Dance, and the Belly Button Book to just name a few.

And now, your baby can gnaw on the perfect family heirloom, a board book featuring his name, a dedication line, and a final thought leading to his toothless grin on the very last page -- although the printing is, by nature, not super sharp and smooth as it is with the store bought books. The process is easy and painless, I promise: You just fill in the blanks, preview the entire book and upload up to two photos. Then poof! In ten days, you receive your one-of-a-kind board book with cows, chickens, frogs, hippos and your own little star.

As far as publishing timetables go, that's unbelievable. And so was my son's face when he say himself smiling on the last page. - Delilah

Are You a Cow? is the perfect gift for the budding egomaniacs. Find it at Pint Size Productions for $19.95 each plus $4.65 for shipping and handling.

Tots See Their Name in Customized Sandra Boynton Books
Personalized books are everywhere, but just how often are they written by best-selling children's authors? Fans of Sandra Boynton's clever and well-illustrated board books — The Belly Button Book and Snuggle Puppy being two of her most popular ones — can now give their tots a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece created by the children's book superstar. For the author's latest book, Are You A Cow? ($20), parents and gift-givers can provide a lil one's name and two photographs to have the tome's text and dedication line customized specifically for the budding literary connoisseur. The entire book can be previewed online prior to purchasing, allowing grown-ups to see just where junior's face will appear among the cows, penguins, and hippos that grace the funny book's pages.
The Creative Mama
Now Do Something With Your Photo!

The Summer Book

Don't just leave all of these cool summer pics sitting on a CD or hard drive…use them the in a way that your kiddos can appreciate. I've been wanting to try out these custom-printed board books for a while and I think they would be the perfect canvas for a story about summertime, especially in the dead of winter. This year, I'm definitely planning to make these books for my kiddos from our beach trip pics. Can't wait to let them add their own artwork to the pictures, too!
Are You a Cow?
The only thing better than a great book is a great book your munchkin loves. Find both in a personalized copy of Sandra Boynton's Are you a Cow? Email two photos and an inscription to Pint Size Productions, wait about 10 days then watch in delight as your little one sees himself in print for the first time – it's priceless. All of Boynton's signature elements are there – engaging illustrations, entertaining rhymes and an upbeat tone. Are you a cow? A dog? A frog? No, you must be a William! $19.95 at pintsizeproductions.com.
"The book turned out great. We all were very happy with the quality and printing. Thanks so much." Susie Angelo

Sooz Book Design
The first Customized Board Book
Our announcement that was sent out to Sandra Boynton's amazing fans.
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