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Follow these simple steps to create a successful Kickstarter campaign

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5 Tips for Creating a Successful Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Your Children’s Board Book

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For many authors, writing a successful children’s book starts with finding a way to pay for printing, shipping, and distribution before they can share it with the world. Luckily, Kickstarter can help you spread the word about your project and find passionate backers to contribute to the cause. As a children’s book author, you’ve poured your heart and soul into your story. Think of your Kickstarter page as a story in and of itself. This is a medium for you to share your passion with the world and connect with people to help you on your journey of publishing. Channeling the creative energy you already possess into launching a Kickstarter campaign can get your children’s board book published. Although Pint Size Productions isn’t involved in the creation or management of your Kickstarter campaign, we have some tips to make sure it is a success.

Tip #1: Start Early

A successful Kickstarter campaign isn’t going to be built overnight. One of the biggest pieces of advice we can give is to set realistic expectations for how long it will take to launch your campaign. Set yourself up for success by setting up your children’s board book campaign early. Before you launch your campaign, make sure you’ve already found the right board book manufacturer to help you produce a quality product. Get an accurate idea of production and shipping time so you can present an accurate outline of your project to your backers and earn their trust.

If you are in a rush to get your campaign off the ground, we recommend jumping straight to the payment section of your campaign. Kickstarter lists it as the last step in the campaign setup process, but it may take up to 3 business days for them to confirm your identity and complete the registration. Enter your payment information right away and set up the other details of your campaign while you’re waiting for approval.

Tip #2: Incentivize Donations with Rewards

Any successful Kickstarter campaign has great rewards to entice backers to reach into their pockets. One of the major perks of a children’s board book campaign is that the book itself can be used as a reward. Get teachers, parents, and community leaders to invest in your book by promising them a copy if you meet your goal. The cost of a single book isn’t astronomical and this cost can usually be justified for smaller donations of $20-$25.

However, don’t limit yourself to smaller donations. What can you offer backers beyond a copy of the book for larger contributions? Perhaps you can develop companion toys, educational materials, apparel, or other merchandise. Experiences such as virtual book club events with the author also entice more high-dollar contributions.

Tip #3: Invest in Campaign Creative

Campaign Creative

One of the most important pieces to creating a successful Kickstarter campaign is a compelling video. Although not required, Kickstarter advises all creators to make a video for their campaign, and it’s vital that you have a professional, fun video to catch the attention of backers. Your video is an opportunity to share your passion and convince backers that your children’s board book will be a successful project worth investing in. We recommend enlisting professional help to create your video. Make sure you make an appearance to put a face to your project and give it a personal touch. Consider reading an excerpt from your board book or flipping through the pages to convey the quality.

Campaign creative doesn’t stop with video. We recommend enlisting the help of a designer, photographer, or your board book illustrator to help you with campaign imagery. Your project image will be a potential backer’s first impression of your children’s board book project. Remember, the project image will be seen not only on your project page but also across Kickstarter and on social media when people share your project. Beyond the project image, make sure you get high-resolution product shots of your board book to use on your page.

Tip #4: Stay Engaged

Stay Engaged

Launching your campaign is only the beginning. It’s vital that you remain your book’s biggest promoter throughout the duration of your campaign by staying engaged with your audience to make your campaign a success. It’s obviously important to quickly answer any questions that people send your way, but you need to take a proactive approach as well. Frequently update your backers with project updates using Kickstarter’s update feature to remind them to keep talking to friends and family about your children’s book. Let high-dollar backers know what their contribution means to you with a personalized thank you message. If you do reach your goal, tell your backers what you can do with any additional funds to take your children’s board book project to the next level.

Tip #5: Set Realistic Goals

Because of Kickstarter’s all-or-nothing fundraising model, one of the biggest tips we can give is to set attainable, realistic fundraising goals. If you aim too low, you may be unable to follow through with your project even if you meet your goal and will have to refund your backers. If you aim too high, you risk not meeting your goal and ending your Kickstarter campaign empty-handed.

To set yourself up for success, it’s important to have a full picture of the cost of your children’s board book project before you set your campaign goal. You’ll need to find a printer you can trust to print your board books according to the timeline and cost required to meet your backer’s expectations. Pint Size Productions prints high-quality board books from our factory right here in the United States. Although we don’t directly work with our clients on Kickstarter campaigns, many of our authors and illustrators have successfully published their children’s board books thanks to the contributions of generous Kickstarter backers. We’re happy to quote your project so you can start the journey of launching your Kickstarter campaign and bringing your story to life.

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