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Discover helpful resources to fund and sell your next board book idea

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Are you an artist, illustrator, writer, or designer and want to get your board book to the world?

So, you’ve come up with an adorable, original idea for a children’s book and are ready to change the world by opening young minds. Assuming you’ve already written your story and found an illustrator, you’re still a long way from happily ever after. Many authors struggle to find resources to pay for the up-front printing, shipping, and distribution costs of their children’s board books. Then, after the book has been printed, independent authors are on their own to find a way to sell their new creation and share their book with the world.

Many authors and illustrators use third-party websites such as Kickstarter to fund their project and Amazon to sell their board book after it’s been printed. Pint Size does not work directly with either of these sites and we are unable to help you launch or run your campaign. However, we do have a few resources to help authors who are considering self-publishing.

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Helpful Funding + Selling Board Book Tips

Fund Your Board Book Idea on Kickstarter
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Why Use Kickstarter to Fund Your Board Book Project?

An amazing Children’s book concept can come to you in a flash, but how can you get that out to the world?

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Create a Successful Kickstarter Campaign
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How to Create a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Find 5 helpful tips of how to successfully fund your board book project with Kickstarter.

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Safety & Durability
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Tips for Selling Your Board Book on Amazon

We have put together a few helpful tutorials to help you set up your Amazon Seller account to sell your board books.

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