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Large Quantity Orders of Board Books

Pint Size Productions may have an itty-bitty name but we operate a big USA board book production facility specializing in the printing and binding of millions of board books.

All of our board book manufacturing is done in our factory located in the United States. We can digitally print and bind a single board book via our online web interface or offset print any large quantity you can imagine. Our mass production offset printed minimum order quantity begins at 1,500 copies for a few popular formats and goes up to whatever you need.

Our amazing list of clients include all sorts of famous authors, illustrators, publishers, museums, organizations, retailers and charities along with many incredible new independent publishers, authors, illustrators, designers and organizations who we believe are destined for huge success.


What We Offer

In order to provide an economical option for people interested in producing offset printed board books here in the United States we offer the following four popular trim sizes and page counts for clients who are looking to produce quantities that start at 1,500 copies.

5.625" 12 page board book example

5.625″ 16 page Board Book

7 pages including cover
6 interior spreads + cover

5.625" 24 page board book example

5.625″ 24 page Board Book

24 pages including cover
11 interior spreads + cover

6" 24 page board book example

6″ 18 page Board Book

18 pages including cover
8 interior spreads + cover

8" book

8″ 16 page Board Book

7 pages including cover
6 interior spreads + cover


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Please fill out the form below if you would like us to provide pricing for one of of our standard formats. If you need pricing for a size or page count that is not one of our standard formats please indicate the details in the “Additional Questions & Comments Section”. We will review and reply to you as soon as possible.

Mass Production
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