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Our USA Factory

Discover the Pint Size Productions board book factory in Western New York, where every board book is made in the USA!

Mass Production > 2022-USA Board Book Factory

Proudly Manufacturing
Board Books in the USA

Made in America

Pint Size Productions is proud to provide our customers with board books that are 100% manufactured at our USA factory located in Sanborn, New York. Our paperboard, ink, coating, glues, and corrugated cartons are all American made and maintain the highest product quality standards. Our proven production processes and 30 years of board book manufacturing expertise helps us provide our customers with the highest levels of product safety, quality, and consistency in every board book we produce. Whether it’s a mass production offset printed order or a digitally printed personalized family keepsake, you can trust Pint Size to bring your story to life!

Supporting USA manufacturers sounds good on paper (or paperboard), but what does it really mean?

When you purchase board books made by Pint Size, it means top quality, unwavering dependability, and unbelievable customer service. See why our customers choose Pint Size for USA-printed board books.

USA Made Means Exceptional Customer Service

The entire Pint Size team is located in the United States. Our dedicated team handles all sales, customer service, prepress, and shipping questions. Our top-notch staff provides continuous contact and support for your board book order from beginning to final shipment. Whether you’re ordering a single digitally printed book or need custom bulk pricing for a mass production order, our team is standing by to handle any questions or concerns with your project.

USA Made Means Quality

We take tremendous pride and care in producing every board book to make sure we achieve the highest levels of quality and safety. Mass production orders include one set of calibrated Epson color proofs of each spread in order to ensure that any issues or changes can be quickly addressed before we proceed with production. All of our books are printed directly on premium virgin white 24pt solid bleached sulfate, then converted, collated, bound and round corner trimmed on our custom equipment. Our board books are manufactured in such a way to ensure that each page is rigid with no warping or odd flexibility.

USA Made Means Speedy, Efficient Order Fulfillment

With one centralized location in Western New York and a 100% USA supply chain, our support and production teams will work closely with clients on mass production board book orders to meet specific release dates if needed. When you print your book with Pint Size, you won’t have to wait 30 days for ocean freight or worry about the hassles of US customs documentation. Our team can also assist you if you need to ship to multiple locations and can provide you with the information you need to coordinate a shipment to Amazon.

What You Can Expect From Pint Size’s Mass Production

We are very proud to have been producing board books in America for over 18 years. Our success has allowed us to foster long-term, trusting relationships with our customers. We only succeed if our customers succeed. By maintaining our factory in the United States, we’re able to deliver on our promise to consistently produce the highest quality products with quick shipping times and exceptional customer service while providing a great place for our amazing workforce.

Why Customers Love Us

I had the pleasure of working with the team at Pint Size Productions, located in Sanborn, New York, for printing my board book. They, (Terry specifically) were beyond helpful and provided me with guidance and updates throughout the process. I was very impressed with their level of detail and service, the speed of their work, and their willingness to offer help to a new Mom and a new author. They improved the quality of my book while keeping all my work intact.”– Michelle

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