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Safety & Durability

Each board book is printed with the highest level of safety standards, keeping the little one’s safety in the forefront.

Built with Quality, Durability & Safety in Mind

Board books must be printed and bound directly on thick paperboard. Board books must be durable and made to withstand the chomping, chewing, bending and attempted tearing that babies and toddlers love to make part of their early reading experience.

All of Pint Size’s board books are printed directly on thick paperboard, creased, folded, collated, bound, trimmed and then round-cornered and sometimes shaped. We take great pride in our USA board book factory and our use of premium USA materials.

We always make sure that I make every board book that we produce using safe materials and processes that provide the highest level of quality and production consistency. We regularly safety test our board books with a certified independent testing lab in order to ensure that our board books are always in compliance with United States CPSC requirements for all ages.

What you can expect with each mass production board book order

Let's Bring Your Story to Life

Pint Size Productions may have an itty-bitty name but we operate a huge USA board book production facility specializing in the printing and binding of millions of board books. Let our experienced and detailed team help you manufacture a beautifully printed board book.