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Celebrate Your Baby’s Arrival with a Birth Announcement Board Book

There is something so fun and special about announcing your baby’s birth. While it’s easy to post a picture to Facebook, it’s also common practice to send out an official announcement. Typically, a birth announcement consists of a card sent by mail to family and friends introducing them to the newest member of the family.

But what if you could share all the details about your baby in a truly unique and unforgettable way? Instead of a card that is glanced over and forgotten, a birth announcement board book will be treasured for years.

Why a Birth Announcement Board Book is the Perfect Choice

When you send a traditional birth announcement, you are limited in what you can share. Even if you choose a larger card, you only have the front and back of the card to share all the special moments. That’s not enough. You could write a whole book about your baby!

Pint Size Production’s custom board books allow you to design a board book that contains multiple photographs, as well as several text boxes to share your baby’s story. No more worrying about having to pick and choose what to include.

A custom board book works as a personalized photo book. Grandma and Grandpa will love looking through the birth announcement board book again and again. Plus, all those who love your baby like their own will be able to show the board book to others proudly.

What to Include In Your Birth Announcement Board Book

A traditional birth announcement should include the following information:

  • The parent’s names
  • The baby’s full name
  • The baby’s birthdate and time
  • The baby’s weight and length
  • The baby’s birthplace

However, when you create a custom board book for your birth announcement, you have space for more information. For example, you may choose to include part of the birth story or your baby’s first days at home.

Additionally, it is proper etiquette to send a birth announcement within six months of your baby’s birth. Should you choose to wait a few months, you can also include major milestones such as their first smile.

Birth Announcement Photo Ideas

There are tons of ways to be creative with your birth announcement photos. And the fun of using a board book is that you don’t have to choose just one! For instance, parents often choose to hire a professional photograph to capture their sleeping, swaddled baby. In addition to your professional baby photos, a board book gives you space to add in some candid photographs. You can also include pictures of your whole family and the baby’s nursery.

Choosing Who Receives a Birth Announcement Board Book

Ultimately, it is up to you to choose who receives the birth announcement book. Since a personalized board book is a valuable gift, you should give it to those individuals who will appreciate it the most. Such as, close family and friends rather than co-workers or neighborhood acquaintances.

Some parents may opt to send out traditional birth announcement cards to everyone they know while also choosing to gift those they are closest to with a more personal birth announcement book. Other parents may choose to create a birth announcement book just for themselves as a beautiful way to remember all the special moments of their baby’s arrival.

Other Ways Personalized Board Books Can Celebrate Your New Arrival


Similarly, a Pint Size custom board book can be designed to celebrate adoptions as well. Your board book can share all the special information about the newest member of your family in much of the same way.

Whether you plan to create a custom birth announcement board book or simply a board book about life with your new baby, Pint Size Productions has what you need! If you are ready to begin, hop on over to our Pint Size Board Book Library or create a custom board book of your own!