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July 1, 2019A Personalized ABC Board Book is a Fun and Educational Gift Your Child Will Love

A, B, C, D, E, F, G – As an adult, you probably started singing the alphabet song in your head as soon as you read those letters. You likely don’t even remember when you learned the ABCs. But, for those of you with little ones, you are likely trying all the tricks to teach your kids their ABCs so your kids can sing the alphabet song along with you.

There are tons of ways to teach your child the ABCs, but today, we are focusing on creating an alphabet photo book. Your little one will be able to sing “Now I know my ABCs, next time won’t you sing with me” before you know it!

Helps Baby Recognize Faces

When you create a personalized ABC board book, you have the opportunity to include photos of your family members. By including photos of loved ones, your little one will begin to recognize faces. When parents read the book to their baby before bedtime, they can point to pictures of their loved ones and speak their name aloud. This is especially helpful for teaching your child to recognize family members and friends they may not get to see often.

Teaches Early Literacy Skills

Along with teaching facial recognition, a personalized ABC board book is a fantastic education tool! You may not realize it, but teaching the ABCs is a fundamental early literacy skill. Michigan State University researchers explain, “Two additional emergent literacy skills that are important for children to learn to read are the concepts of letter knowledge and alphabetical principle. Letter knowledge is knowing the letters of the alphabet and recognizing them in print. Alphabetical principle is the concept of associating letters with sounds and sounds with words, knowing for instance, that ‘B’ makes the ‘buh’ sound.”

With a personalized ABC photo book, parents are teaching both of these fundamental skills! Your little one will start to learn how to identify different letters and the sounds they make from reading their customized ABC board book in your lap!

How to Make Your Own ABC Photo Book

There is no reason to feel intimidated when it comes to making your own ABC book for your child. You will likely find that it is a fun way to stretch your creative mind! All you need to do is write out all 26 letters of the alphabet. Then, brainstorm different people, places, and things that start with each letter of the alphabet. Since you are making the book for a young child, you want to choose kid-friendly words and photos, such as “B for Ball” or “D for Daddy.”

A Few ABC Suggestions to Get You Started

The key word to focus on as you are crafting your personalized ABC photo book for your little is “personalized.” The point is to include personal photos, so it is important to start by identifying the special people or things you would like to include in this special board book.

A good idea is to start with family members and the names your child calls them such as “M for Mommy,” “G for Grandma,” or “S for Sissy.” Move on to names of other important people or pets in your little one’s life. Then, look to see what remaining letters you have and try to think of your child’s favorite toys or animals to fill in the missing alphabet letters and photos.

Here are some kid-friendly basics to help you get started:

A – alligator, airplane, aunt

B – ball, balloon, brother, blocks

C – cat, car, Christmas

D – daddy, dog, dinosaur

E – elephant, egg, Easter

F – family, frog, friend

G – grandma, grandpa, giraffe,

H – horse, Halloween, hat

I – ice cream

J – jelly, jump

K- kangaroo, kitty, kiss, keys

L – llama, library, lion

M – mommy, monkey

N – nighttime

O – owl, ocean

P – papa, prince/princess, puppy, pumpkin, pizza

Q – queen

R – rabbit, run

S – Santa, sister, snow, swing

T – teddy, truck

U – umbrella, uncle

V – vegetables, van

W – wagon, wheel, window

X – xylophone

Y – yogurt, yummy

Z – zebra, zoo

Pint Size Productions Makes It Easy

Fortunately, Pint Size Productions makes it easy to design your personalized ABC board book quickly. In their pre-designed ABC board book, all you have to do is upload a photo for each letter. Each letter has a capital and lowercase letter and a set space for the corresponding photo – Aa is for [your photo]. Then, you add a personal photo and your child’s name to the cover. Your child will be tickled!

June 17, 2019Create a Memorable Board Book to Commemorate Your Baby Shower

A baby shower is a special occasion for moms-to-be to be lavishly loved and celebrated. It is also a time when family and friends get to show how much they already love their precious child.

Given that it is such a special occasion, it is important to record as many memories from the day as possible. Once upon a time, the baby shower host would provide an album where the attendees and their gifts would be recorded. While that tradition is not as common today, it is still tradition to keep a list of who gave what so the mom-to-be can send out thank you notes. Plus, it is still common to take photo after photo.

So, what should you do with the lists and photos? Instead of just storing pictures digitally, create a custom baby shower memory book to share with loved ones!

A Special Gift for Mom and Baby

A baby shower memory book will be a special gift for the mom that will be cherished long after the new arrival. As she looks through each page, she will get to relive the day. Most importantly, she will remember how much love and support surrounds her.

Additionally, a baby shower memory book is a gift the mom can share with the newest member of the family when he or she is born. This is a wonderful way to show little ones that they were loved even before they were born.

As Maureen Hawkins said, “Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. Before you were here an hour, I would die for you. This is the miracle of love.” As they grow, children will be able to see this evidence by looking through the baby shower memory book.

Plus, it is a great way to begin teaching babies to recognize family members and close friends. As mom and baby look through the memory book together, mom can point out who each person is and explain why they came to the special party.

Things You Should Definitely Include

Now let’s talk about how to make a baby shower memory book. First, let’s talk about the things you must include in your memory book.

  • The date, the time, and the place. You may opt to include a photo of the baby shower invitation.
  • Photos of mom-to-be. Plus, photos of those who attended. If you use Pint Size Custom Board Books to create your book, you can add text to identify attendees.
  • Descriptions of the décor, theme, and food. Add photos!
  • Photos of mom opening gifts. You may choose to include photos of as many gifts as you can fit, or you may choose to only include photos of a few of the more sentimental presents.
  • Game photos. One of the best parts of a baby shower is playing the silly baby-themed games. Be sure to include fun photos and the name of the games you played.
Other Memorable Items to Add to Your Baby Shower Book

You can make the baby shower book even more memorable. For example, a common thing to do at a baby shower is to have guests make predictions about the baby’s size and arrival date. Add a text box to include this information. After the baby arrives, you can circle the winners!

Another tradition at a baby shower is for guests to write down advice for the new parents. Try to include as many of these tips and pieces of advice as possible. Quick tip – rather than rewriting these advice notes, take photos and then upload the photos to your baby shower memory book.

Pint Size’s Custom Board Books Give You Freedom

Since every baby shower is different, you will love being able to design a custom board book. Pint Size Productions custom board books allow users to create simple board books as well as designer board books. You get to choose the size board book you want, upload your favorite photos, add personal captions, and change the font sizes and colors.

June 7, 2019Tips for Creating Your First Board Book

Personalized board books are wonderful because they are long-lasting. But, sometimes the words “long-lasting” make us freeze and panic. Stop! It’s not only super easy, but it is also really fun to create a personalized board book that your family can enjoy for years to come. Whether this is your first time creating a Pint Size board book or you have experience, these tips will make the process easy from start to finish.

Organize Your Pictures Before You Begin

First things first, you’re going to want to organize your photos. If you are like most parents, you have countless photos of your kiddos. However, not all these photos are going to wind up in your board book. Instead, create a desktop folder on your computer with just the photos you are considering for your board book. Having the photos you plan to use all in the same place is a huge time saver!

Make Sure Your Computer is Working with You

Oh, technology. We can’t live with you; we can’t live without you. When you are ready to get started creating your board book, you must make sure you have your pop-up blocker turned off. If the Pint Size interface attempts to open a new window during the process and your pop-up blocker is on, you will encounter errors or problems during the book building process. No fun! If you need help with this step, check out how to disable your popup blocker.

Choose the Pictures that Work Best

Next, choose the pics that will work the best. For instance, even if it is a photo you love, you may have to pass on it if it isn’t high enough resolution. This is because it may look blurry when printed. Instead, choose pictures that are high resolution. For the best results, upload the original photo taken with the camera and not the small, medium, or large versions you have uploaded to other sites.

Define Your Subject


A board book has a certain number of pages, so you should think about what the purpose of this photo book is. For instance, is your new baby the subject or is the subject of your mom’s cookie recipes? By keeping the subject in mind, you will have an easier time choosing pictures and what to say.

Go with a Theme

After you know the subject, it is time to select a theme. This is where it really starts to get fun! Pint Size offers two different options – pre-designed templates and custom designed board books. We have templates that are themed for all occasions – baby love, families, holidays, and more! Our custom designed photo board book templates give you even more creative freedom allowing you to design the book around whatever theme you have in mind.

Choose Your Words with Care

Generally, a personalized board book is personalized because it includes both photos and words. It is a book, so use the words of the book to tell your story! Now, that doesn’t mean it has to have a ton of words. Often, simple is better. Choose to write captions that matter to your family and will continue to matter in the future.

Don’t Clutter the Pages

Okay – this is going to be a hard one for some of the parents. Yes, every single photo of your child is precious, but not every single photo should be in your board book. It is always better to choose a few perfect photos than to clutter the pages with several photos that are just okay. In many cases, it is better to have only one great photo on a page.

Review, Review, Review

Once you have uploaded all the photos and added all the captions to your photo book, do not rush to hit publish. Instead, take your time and review the board book carefully. Check for misspellings, incorrect information, and photos that may need more editing. Pint Size allows you to save your board book and return to it as needed, giving you time to get it perfect before you purchase.

Publish and Love

Now that your board book looks exactly how you want it to look, it’s time to order the book and wait for it to arrive! Once it arrives on your doorstep, you get to enjoy it from today until forever. Get started on creating your first board book masterpiece!

May 28, 2019Sandra Boynton’s Moo, Baa, La La La! Just Got Even Better


There are some authors whose names hold special meaning – J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, and Sandra Boynton. Ask anyone who has had a child in the last thirty years if they are familiar with Sandra Boynton’s board books, and you will hear an enthusiastic “Yes!” Years after their kids have outgrown board books, parents can still fondly recite entire Sandra Boynton books – especially Moo, Baa, La La La.

No Child’s Library is Complete Without Some Boynton Board Books
With comic style and sing-song rhythms, Boynton board books are often the go-to picks for a child’s first library. Both the words and the illustrations are designed to captivate even the youngest listeners. With a minimal amount of words and pages, Boynton manages to weave a delightful story that makes children (and adults) giggle. From the animals’ silly antics to the random lines meant to be sung aloud, these books are favored by kids and are commonly found on their shelves.

Moo, Baa, La La La was originally published in 1982 with the original selling more than 3 million copies. In the thirty plus years since its original publication, this board book is continuing to delight little ones and grow in popularity. For example, it is listed in School Library Journal’s Top 100 Picture Books list and remains one of America’s bestselling picture books.

Moo, Baa, La La La! is a Fun Way to Introduce Animal Sounds

Not only does it have rave reviews from parents, but it is also widely recognized as a great teaching tool for even the littlest learners. Common Sense Media says, “Exuberant verses will have youngsters oinking, mooing, and baaing before you know it […] It’s entirely functional, introducing tots to animals and teaching them the creatures’ sounds.”

Around 12 months, babies begin to build their vocabulary. Their earliest vocabulary is often composed of sounds, such as animal sounds. Moo, Baa, La La La is a terrific way to teach these animal sounds. By using the colorful animal illustrations and having the animals share the sounds they make with the reader, it is both a visual and auditory learning tool.

Not Just Fun – The Book Helps Kids Develop Pre-Academic Skills

For those new to this classic board book, one thing to know upfront is that this is not a boring educational book. In the middle of the book where animals are sharing what they say, “The cow says Moo, the sheep says Baa,” there is a silly shift to singing and dancing pigs who say “La La La!” followed by the child’s correction (No, No, that isn’t right! Pigs say Oink all day and night!).

However, while you may think you are just reading your child a silly book at bedtime, you are actually helping your child develop skills for future academic success. As Scholastic explains, “Phrases like ‘A piggy goes oink oink!’ actually help your child learn new words.”

Pint Size Productions Unique Personalization Features for Moo, Baa, La La La!


Here’s where it gets even more fun. Pint Size Productions offers a customizable edition of Moo, Baa, La La La! This is perfect for the ultimate Sandra Boynton fan, as a unique baby gift, or for a first birthday. By adding your child’s photo to the board book and his/her name, this book becomes even more delightful.

In our unique personalized edition, parents can add their child’s name and a special note to the front dedication page. Then, their child’s name is also inserted into the final page of the classic that reads, “It’s quiet now. What does ______ say?” Seeing and hearing their name inserted into their favorite book will make them smile every time.

Finally, on the back of the book is a comic strip composite of all the animals from the book along with a photo of your little one! At the top of this fun page, it reads, “What does each one say?” giving your child an extra opportunity to practice those animal sounds and create his or her own silly sound.

Even More Boynton Fun for Your Little One to Enjoy

Pint Size Productions has printed many millions of copies of classic Boynton Books, and we are delighted to offer not only a personalized version of Moo, Baa, La La La, but also a customizable version of Are You a Cow? We also offer several plush animals of the most popular Boynton characters to make story time even more exciting.

Embrace the silly and create a personalized version of Moo, Baa, La La La today! For even more ideas about personalized board books from Pint Size Productions, be sure to check out our Pint Size Board Book Library for ideas on how to create a custom board book.

May 20, 201910 Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make for Their Dad Heroes this Father’s Day

What do you get for the man who has everything but is also the man who is everything to you? As Father’s Day approaches, children everywhere look for ways to show their dads just how special they are. While you can spend a lot of money buying the special men in your life an extravagant present, they will most likely prefer a gift from the heart.

Fortunately, there are tons of DIY Father’s Day gifts that even little ones can design and make that will show their dads how much they are loved. Today, we are sharing some of our favorite DIY gifts for dad to help you get started.

Making Memories Jar

For the dad who is big on experiences and quality time, kids can create a Making Memories Jar. The idea is for kids to write down special activities they want to do with their dad and place these ideas inside a jar for dad to pull out when he is ready for some special one-on-one time. For example, write these potential experiences on scraps of paper, LEGO blocks, or popsicle sticks and place in a mason jar.

Handprint Art

Handprint art never gets old and is always appreciated because it visually marks your child’s age and size. Plus, you can put handprints on anything and make it go from boring to special. For instance, handprint art can appear on much more than a canvas. If Dad is a grill master, have the kids put their handprints on an apron. If Dad is a businessman, have the kids put their thumbprints on his tie.

Personalized Mug

Dads who love coffee will love it even more when they drink it from a kid-decorated mug. There are tons of ideas online for personalized mugs for dads. For example, you can use Sharpie markers to design and decorate a mug just for dad. Then, bake it at 250 degrees for 2 hours.


If Dad has a sweet tooth, create a personalized candygram just for him. Your kids will love thinking of funny puns to use when crafting the candy-coded message for their dad. For example: Dad, you deserve “100 grand” for Father’s Day, but it wasn’t “PayDay.”

Personalized Keychains

Generally, dads aren’t gifted with alphabet necklaces or bracelets like moms. However, you can incorporate those same tools (alphabet beads, leather or plastic string) to make a manly personalized keychain. Let kids string the message, such as BEST DAD, and then add the split ring (key ring).

Car Wash Kit

Some dads love detailing their cars. If this sounds familiar, then he’d love the gift of a car wash kit. Instead of buying a pre-assembled kit, take the kids to the store and let them pick out the various supplies. Then, decorate the bucket!

Photo Coasters

Even the most novice DIY crafters can make beautiful tile photo coasters using mod podge. Purchase white ceramic tiles from a hardware store and have photos printed. Then, using mod podge and brush, you will coat the tile. Next, place the photo on the coated tile and cover it with mod podge. You will apply several coats and let it dry for a couple of days before using.

DIY Tie Rack

Speaking of ties, if your family is big on giving Dad ties for Father’s Day, this year take it up a notch. Build him a DIY tie rack using wood boards, a hammer, and nails. For full instructions, check out this Craftaholics Anonymous Tutorial.

Popsicle Stick Bookmarks

For dads who are avid readers, have kids design and make silly popsicle stick bookmarks. Use craft supplies you have on hand, such as markers, construction paper, and felt, or splurge for wiggly eyeball and mustache stickers to add a more personalized popsicle-stick-person flair.

My Dad is Great Personalized Board Book

Make Dad a gift he will treasure for years to come. Pint Size Productions My Dad is Great Board Book is perfect for Father’s Day. This playful book is designed to let you show Dad how much he means to you. This unique board book allows you to add eight photos and customize the book with a special inner dedication area.

In addition to Pint Size’s My Dad is Great Board Book, we also have 9 Father’s Day Board Book Ideas To Make The Perfect Gift For Dad. We hope you find just the right way to say “I love you, Dad” this Father’s Day.

May 7, 20199 First Birthday Book Ideas for Celebrating Your Little One

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since your little one arrived. During this first year, you’ve likely had less sleep than ever before but felt more love than ever before. You’ve watched your baby grow and change right before your eyes.

Surely you have been snapping pictures left and right because you don’t want to miss any of these precious moments. So rather than leaving these photos on your phone or social media feed, make a personalized board book.

A first birthday photo book is a great way to commemorate this special occasion. Plus, it is a wonderful way to create a keepsake you will treasure for years to come. Different from the traditional baby book, a board book is one that can also be enjoyed by your baby.

Below, you will find theme and template suggestions from the Pint Size Productions Library plus a few ideas for designing your own Pint Size book. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your child’s first-year board book.

Birthday Boy/Girl

Pint Size has a predesigned birthday board book template for boys and girls. This fun, celebratory board book template is birthday themed with birthday graphics. Parents can add up to 8 photos of their favorite moments from their baby’s special day. Additionally, there is space for customizable text on each page.

My Little Year

Offering four different cover colors (green, white, blue or pink), Pint Size’s “My Little Year” board book is a great choice for baby’s first birthday. This board book features cute animals and memory themed prompts such as “I learned,” “I loved,” and “I visited.” This book will be one of your baby’s favorites.

Birthday ABC’s

A fantastic way to celebrate a baby’s first year and introduce letters is to create a birthday ABC themed board book. Pint Size’s ABC template follows a simple “A is for…” pattern for each letter allowing parents to add a picture that corresponds with each letter such as “C is for CAKE.”

Month by Month

Design your own board book using a month by month theme. Fill one of our board books with your favorite photos and memories from each month of your baby’s first year. Keep it simple by stating the date and your baby’s age (in months).

Milestone Memories

The first year of a baby’s life is filled with milestones such as first smile and first food. Design a board book that celebrates all the big firsts in your baby’s life by choosing photos that highlight these milestone moments.

My How You’ve Grown

If you have been taking monthly photos, design a board book using these photos to showcase how your baby has grown. For example, some parents use month shirt stickers. Or other parents take a photo of their little one in the same spot with the same toy to show how much they’ve grown.

We hope your baby has a very happy birthday and that you get a chance to celebrate with an extra slice of cake. You deserve it! Preserve those special moments in a special celebratory first birthday board book. If you are ready to begin, hop over to our Pint Size Board Book Library or create a custom board book of your own!

April 2, 2019Celebrate Your Baby’s Arrival with a Birth Announcement Board Book

There is something so fun and special about announcing your baby’s birth. While it’s easy to post a picture to Facebook, it’s also common practice to send out an official announcement. Typically, a birth announcement consists of a card sent by mail to family and friends introducing them to the newest member of the family.

But what if you could share all the details about your baby in a truly unique and unforgettable way? Instead of a card that is glanced over and forgotten, a birth announcement board book will be treasured for years.

Why a Birth Announcement Board Book is the Perfect Choice

When you send a traditional birth announcement, you are limited in what you can share. Even if you choose a larger card, you only have the front and back of the card to share all the special moments. That’s not enough. You could write a whole book about your baby!

Pint Size Production’s custom board books allow you to design a board book that contains multiple photographs, as well as several text boxes to share your baby’s story. No more worrying about having to pick and choose what to include.

A custom board book works as a personalized photo book. Grandma and Grandpa will love looking through the birth announcement board book again and again. Plus, all those who love your baby like their own will be able to show the board book to others proudly.

What to Include In Your Birth Announcement Board Book

A traditional birth announcement should include the following information:

  • The parent’s names
  • The baby’s full name
  • The baby’s birthdate and time
  • The baby’s weight and length
  • The baby’s birthplace

However, when you create a custom board book for your birth announcement, you have space for more information. For example, you may choose to include part of the birth story or your baby’s first days at home.

Additionally, it is proper etiquette to send a birth announcement within six months of your baby’s birth. Should you choose to wait a few months, you can also include major milestones such as their first smile.

Birth Announcement Photo Ideas

There are tons of ways to be creative with your birth announcement photos. And the fun of using a board book is that you don’t have to choose just one! For instance, parents often choose to hire a professional photograph to capture their sleeping, swaddled baby. In addition to your professional baby photos, a board book gives you space to add in some candid photographs. You can also include pictures of your whole family and the baby’s nursery.

Choosing Who Receives a Birth Announcement Board Book

Ultimately, it is up to you to choose who receives the birth announcement book. Since a personalized board book is a valuable gift, you should give it to those individuals who will appreciate it the most. Such as, close family and friends rather than co-workers or neighborhood acquaintances.

Some parents may opt to send out traditional birth announcement cards to everyone they know while also choosing to gift those they are closest to with a more personal birth announcement book. Other parents may choose to create a birth announcement book just for themselves as a beautiful way to remember all the special moments of their baby’s arrival.

Other Ways Personalized Board Books Can Celebrate Your New Arrival


Similarly, a Pint Size custom board book can be designed to celebrate adoptions as well. Your board book can share all the special information about the newest member of your family in much of the same way.

Whether you plan to create a custom birth announcement board book or simply a board book about life with your new baby, Pint Size Productions has what you need! If you are ready to begin, hop on over to our Pint Size Board Book Library or create a custom board book of your own!

March 19, 2019Board Book vs. Hardcover: What’s The Difference?

If you want to raise a reader, then you want a book in their hands as soon as possible. But are books safe for your baby? The real question is: what type of book is safest for even the littlest of hands?

Experts say that board books are the best way to introduce babies to reading. So let’s take a look at why parents should stock their babies’ bookshelves with quality board books.

Board Book vs. Hard Cover Book

A hardcover book is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a book that is designed with a hardcover, but it has traditional paper pages inside. If you are a book collector, you most likely prefer hardback books over paperbacks because they’re more durable. The outside cover works to protect the inner pages and the pages are bound with stitching or glue.

However, hardcover books only work well to protect the inner pages when adults treasure them. Babies and toddlers can easily rip and tear the inner pages leaving the hardcover intact but the pages destroyed. This is just one of the reasons why board books are recommended for babies – they are made to withstand all of your baby’s chomping, tossing, tearing, and more.

In comparison, a board book is a subgenre of the picture book that is designed for the youngest of children. The entire board book, even the inner pages, is made of highly durable paperboard that is specially folded and bound. Even the corner pages are rounded out as to not harm any curious babies.

Why Board Books are Safer for Babies

Designed for babies from birth to age 3, board books are safer than their counterparts. They fit perfectly in their little hands, can be easily held, turned, stacked, and tossed. However, babies also like to explore everything with their mouths, which is one of the reasons why board books are safer. You’d rather have them chew the corner of a board book than munch and swallow pieces of paper.

Additionally, Pint Size Productions uses safe materials that are made in the USA. Our board books are coated with either gloss UV or Aqueous matte coating. And we never laminate our board books due to the hazard of using film lamination on a baby book. We also regularly safety test our board books with a certified independent testing lab to make certain our board books are always in compliance with the United States CPSC requirements.

Board Books Nurture a Love of Reading

The NY Times suggests, “Becoming a reader starts as soon as your baby pays attention to board books.” The unique design of a board book is the perfect introduction to reading. They allow babies to explore the text and pictures with each of their senses safely. By showing babies that reading is fun and that they can play with books, you are fostering an early love of reading.

Board books also provide precious bonding opportunities. Highlights magazine explains, “Intimate moments spent sharing simple board books with baby help build listening and visual skills that form the basis for independent reading later on.” With illustrations and a few words, board books offer plenty of “point and say” opportunities.

A Personalized Board Book is the Perfect Building Block for Your Baby’s Library

Now that you understand why board books are the best option for your little one, let us tell you why you are going to love Pint Size Productions custom board books. We take all the things you love about board books – quality, durable, and safety – and let you add your precious memories into the book itself. We offer a variety of pre-designed board book templates and personalization options for popular Sandra Boynton board books. Additionally, you can design your own board book from start to finish!

What are you waiting for? Get started today with our Pint Size Board Book Library!


March 5, 2019Customize Your Own Are You a Cow? Board Book

Whether you are a longtime Boynton fan, or this is the first time you have heard the name, you will be tickled to discover you can gift the special child in your life with a personalized Boynton board book creation. From the bright covers to the comical animal characters to the sing-song lines, Sandra Boynton’s books always captivate the minds of even the youngest readers.

Why Boynton Books Have Stood the Test of Time

At this point, almost everyone has seen one of Sandra Boyton’s animal characters on a card, a calendar, a social media post, or in a book. For parents of young children, Sandra Boynton is THE author that appears in every nursery library. Her whimsical board books are short enough to read to babies but enjoyable enough to continue reading as they grow.

Sandra Boyton’s books have sold more than 70 million copies worldwide. To put it simply: children and parents alike love her. With simple animal characters and silly lines, Boyton has helped parents put their children to bed since 1977. Using her signature animals and rhythms, Boynton’s books help teach children animal noises, colors, opposites, and even, emotions.

Are You a Cow? is a Creative and Silly Way to Teach Sense of Self

Are You a Cow? is a book that encourages children to listen and respond with its unique question approach. Each page of this adorable board book asks the reader if he or she is a certain animal such as “Are you a duck? No.” Page after page will have kids laughing in response to being absurdly asked if they are cows or pigs or an upside-down chicken.

On the last page of this super-silly book, the reader is told that you are you – and isn’t that great! This is a playful way to teach little ones self-identity. It teaches babies to self-identify and to be proud of their individuality.

Start Teaching Your Child to Recognize His Name

Did you know that the first word children often recognize in print is their own names? By personalizing a board book with your child’s name, you are already helping teach this critical life skill. Before your child even starts school, he or she will be able to identify his or her name in print.

Pint Size Productions Unique Personalization Features for Are You a Cow?

Sandra Boynton’s Are You a Cow? is already a common board book found in children’s home libraries. However, with Pint Size Production’s personalized Boyton board books, this book becomes even more precious. The absurd line of questioning whether the reader is an animal stays the same, but the child is inserted into the story. What a fun treat!

Our very special personalized version of Boyton’s Are You a Cow? allows you to insert the child’s name as well as two photos. Not only can you add a special dedication for the child at the beginning, but your child will also love reading the final page declaring “You must be Carson!” with a picture of himself.

Additionally, this personalized edition has space for the child’s picture to appear alongside all of the familiar Boynton cartoon animals. This fun photo lineup page asks, “Which one are you?” This question and image line-up is another great way to get your child involved in the reading process.

Other Sandra Boynton Fun

We also offer a personalized edition of another super popular Sandra Boynton board book, Moo, Baa, La, La, La. Plus, we offer several plush dolls of Boynton’s most popular characters that will make story time even more exciting for Boynton’s youngest fans.

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February 15, 2019Boost Baby’s Brain Power With Board Books


It’s hard to imagine that the baby who isn’t even speaking will one day be reading independently. But it will happen – and sooner than you think! One day your child will be listening in awe as you read her favorite story; and the next, she will be reciting the words from memory and pretending to read on her own. When this happens the first time, you will think it is magic.

And, that magic starts with you.

Why It Is Never Too Early to Start Reading to Your Little One

Some people struggle to understand why it is important to read to babies since babies don’t speak. This is actually one of the main reasons why you should read to your baby. Every time you read aloud to your baby, you are teaching early literacy skills.

Think we are saying that just because we are in the book business? Wrong.

Check out this statement from The American Academy of Pediatrics: “In 2014, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a policy statement recommending parent-child home reading beginning at birth and continuing at least through kindergarten. Behavioral evidence has shown that children who are read to, especially before school entry, experience stronger parent-child relationships and learn valuable language and literacy skills.”

The Many Benefits of Reading to Babies

As Marilyn Jager Adams wrote, “Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require for learning to read.” Reading to your baby is the best way to start developing those early literacy skills, such as understanding how books work.

Plus, reading to babies has shown to have these additional benefits:
• Strengthening bonds between parent and child
• Developing baby’s vocabulary
• Exposing baby to language
• Soothing baby (which is why many parents include reading as part of their bedtime routine)

When babies are exposed to books, it means they are exposed to language. This helps children avoid the “Word Gap.” As KinderCare explains, “The term ‘Word Gap’ was first coined in 1995 when research found that children exposed to fewer words are at risk for poor early literacy skills, which can have an impact on future academic, social and economic success.”

How to Make the Most of Storytime

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”- Emilie Buchwald
Now that we’ve covered all the whys, let’s talk about the fun stuff: how to read to your baby. Reading to your baby should be fun – not awkward!

Use these suggestions to make the most of storytime.
• Sit your baby on your lap for storytime. This is a great way to cuddle and bond. It also helps your baby focus more easily.
• As you read, point to pictures and illustrations. Use words to point out what the illustration is showing.
• Ask questions as you read. Of course, your baby will not respond, but you are reinforcing early literacy skills and teaching your little one how to ask and respond.
• Talk about the book as you read. Many board books only have a few words on each page. Don’t feel like you have to only read the words on the page.
• Use expression as you read aloud.
• Parent tip – choose books that you love reading because you will (and should) read the same books over and over again.

Finally, encourage your baby to play and interact with books. Pint Size Board Books have been made with babies in mind. Our books are built to withstand baby chewing, bending, stacking, and tossing. If babies are allowed to play with books, they will grow up believing books are fun.

Use Pint Size Productions Board Books to Build Baby’s Library

Pint Size Productions is the perfect place to start building your baby’s library. Our books are designed to be fun and personal. Our custom board books allow you to create books just for your little one. For example, if your baby loves your family’s four-legged friend, you can personalize the My Pet is the BEST Board Book. Or, if your little one is crazy for dinosaurs, we offer a dinosaur themed board book. We have templates for comic books, monsters, family, ABC’s, and more. If you have a special idea in mind, you can even create a custom board book of your own!

Plus, Pint Size Productions offers personalization for two of the most popular and well-loved board books by Sandra Boynton. Your baby will love the bright animal illustrations and the silly sing-song lines in the story. Add in a photo of your baby and his or her name, and these books will become your baby’s favorite.

If you are ready to begin, hop over to our Pint Size Board Book Library!