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Personalized Sandra Boynton Board Book

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Are You a Cow Board Book?

"Are You A Cow?" Board Book by Sandra Boynton

$21.95 each plus shipping & handling

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Are You a Cow? © 2013 - Customizable Board Book
5-5/8 x 5-5/8" - 16 pages
(7 interior spreads plus the cover spread)

About this book

Sandra Boynton Signature
Upload the photos and name of any kid you adore, and POOF! In seven days, we will ship you a completely unique and amazingly adorable personalized Sandra Boynton board book—the perfect present for that perfect child. Printed and manufactured by Pint Size Productions, the one and only board book manufacturer in the United States, fine printer of millions of well loved Boynton board books.

What people are saying

Kirkus Seal StarARE YOU A COW?
(reviewed on July 1, 2012)

A bossy chicken demands that listeners introduce themselves.

A question-and-answer format challenges the toddling audience to identify with various animals. The energetic interrogation opposes questions in conventionally sized type and answers in a teeny-tiny font. "Are you a cow?" "No." The pattern breaks when hippos lumber into view. "You are not a HIPPO. / You are small. They are big." A perpetually grinning bear and upside-down chicken prompt negative reactions, and then a penguin appears. "Are you a penguin? You're not? But wait! / You must be YOU! Now isn't that great!" This exuberant call-and-response and mostly repetitive format keep the pages turning with brio. The wacky characters dominate each page with puzzled, endearing expressions, and cross-eyed stares add a further dollop of humor. Boynton has perfected the art of creating developmentally appropriate books for babies that keep their parents engaged too, and this is no exception.

Tots will be thrilled at the chance to use one of their favorite two-letter words ("no!") over and over again. (Board book. 1-3)

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