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Create Your Very Own Design
16 Page

$24.95 each plus shipping & handling

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You Fully Control This One!

5.625 x 5.625"
16 pages (7 interior spreads plus the cover spread)

Utilize the templates we supply to you via download link below to create a print quality PDF. All Projects should be built in readers spreads only, with spreads labeled in the correct sequence. This book is for the seasoned professional who has a full grasp of layout and design and access to the Adobe Creative Suite Software or QuarkXpress. Please utilize the "High Quality Print" option for PDF. Do not "Preserve [Native Format] editing capabilities".

About this book

For those of you who want full control of your board book's design!

You can create your very own design using professional templates that we will email to you for the cover and interior spreads. You have the freedom to layout and design the complete board book using our standard 5-5/8 x 5-5/8" round corner trimmed format with 16 pages, (7 interior spreads plus the cover spread). You will create the files using one of the world's professional design programs such as Adobe's InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator to generate the final print quality PDF that you will upload to our site and POOF! In seven days, we will ship you a completely unique and amazingly adorable customized board book the perfect present for that perfect child or unique adult. Printed and manufactured by Pint Size Productions, the one and only board book manufacturer in the United States.

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